Annual Meeting Committee


  • Rabia Kahveci (Ukraine)


  • Clifford Goodman (USA)
  • Iñaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea (Spain)
  • Tammy Clifford (Canada)
  • Keng Ho Pwee (Singapore)
  • Alric Rüther (Germany)


  • Marlene Hanke. Annual Meeting Coordinator (Austria)

Terms of Reference

  • Chair: A member of the Board who has participated in or helped to organize a previous HTAi Annual Meeting, nominated by the Chair of the Annual Meeting Committee and ratified by the Board
  • Members: At least two HTAi members who have served on the Local Organizing Committees of previous HTAi Annual Meetings, nominated by the Executive Committee and ratified by the Board
  • Term of appointment: Two years, except for the Chair, whose term shall be for his/her term as a member of the Board
  • Frequency of meetings: As needed, at the call of the Chair


Ensuring the success of the Society’s Annual Meetings by:

  • soliciting and reviewing proposals from Local Organizing Committees and recommending to the Board host organizations for future Annual Meetings;
  • overseeing preparations for Annual Meetings and reporting on progress made to the Board;
  • developing and maintaining an Annual Meeting manual, which includes budgetary expectations and sponsorship guidelines; and
  • developing and maintaining templates for communications materials for Annual Meetings.