• IƱaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea, President (Spain)


  • Wija Oortwijn, Vice President (Netherlands)
  • Marco Marchetti, Treasurer (Italy)
  • Franz Pichler, Secretary (Australia)


Terms of Reference

  • Chair: President
  • Members: Society Officers: Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary
  • Term of appointment: Elected term as Officer
  • Frequency of meetings: 10 to 12 times a year, via conference call


  • Making decisions on behalf of the Board between full Board meetings
  • Developing the Society’s Strategic Plan, for consideration by the Board
  • Proposing needed changes to the bylaws, for Board consideration
  • Managing negotiations and contractual agreements with external organizations, such as INAHTA
  • Managing the contract with the host organization for the Society’s Secretariat
  • Conducting an annual evaluation of the Secretariat’s performance
  • Planning and conducting Annual General Meetings
  • As needed, authorizing the Secretariat to conduct negotiations with external parties on behalf of the Society
  • Conducting Board self-evaluations as deemed necessary
  • Making nominations to Board-created sub-committees