Finance and Audit Committee

Finance and Audit Committee

Chair: Marco Marchetti Treasurer (Italy)

Members: YingYao Chen (China), Franz Pichler (Australia), Kalipso Chalkidou (United Kingdom), Alric Rüther (Germany)


HTAi Executive Director, Daniel Lalonde (Canada)

Terms of Reference

Chair: Treasurer

Members: At least 2 Society members with organizational financial management experience, nominated by the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee and ratified by the Board

Term of Appointment: Three years, except for the Chair, whose term shall be for his/her term as a member of the Board

Responsibilities/Authority: Overseeing the overall development and approval of the annual budget by:

  • Reviewing revenue forecasts and expenditure plans presented by management
  • Making recommendations to the board for approval of an annual budget
  • Monitoring actual revenues and expenditures against the budget forecast, and recommending to the Board any necessary adjustments
  • Reviewing the annual audited financial statements with the auditor

Frequency of Meetings: As needed, at the call of the Chair.