Interest Groups Steering Committee


  • Yingyao Chen (China)


  • Mondher Toumi, Assessment of Vaccines Programs, Chair (France)
  • Christelle Saint Sardos, Assessment of Vaccines Programs, Co-Chair (France)
  • Silvie Jerabkova, Assessment of Vaccines Programs, Coordinator (Czech Republic)
  • Julie Polisena, Disinvestment and Early Awareness, Chair (Canada)
  • Vigdis Lauvrak, Disinvestment and Early Awareness, Co-Chair (Norway)
  • Denny John, Early Career Network, Co-Chair (India)
  • Maoling Wei, Early Career Network,Co-Chair (China)
  • Ken Bond, Ethics and HTA, Chair (Canada)
  • Dario Sacchini, Ethics and HTA, Co-Chair (Italy)
  • Rabia Kahveci, HTA in Developing Countries, Chair (Turkey)
  • Americo Cicchetti, Hospital-based HTA, Co-Chair (Italy)
  • Marco Marchetti, Hospital-based HTA, Co-Chair (Italy)
  • Irene Lenoir-Wijnkoop, Initiative for Public Health Outcomes Research & Measurement, Chair (Netherlands)
  • Siw Waffenschmidt, Information Retrieval Group,  Chair (Germany)
  • Ingrid Harboe, Information Retrieval Group, Co-Chair (Norway)
  • Neil Bertelsen,  Patient and Citizen Involvement, Chair (United Kingdom)
  • Janet Wale, Patient and Citizen Involvement, Co-Chair (Australia)
  • Massoud Toussi, Regulatory Interactions & Conditional Coverage, Chair (France)
  • Michelle Mujoomdar, Regulatory Interactions & Conditional Coverage, Co-Chair (Canada)


  • Daniel Lalonde, HTAi Executive Director (Canada)
  • Rebecca Trowman, HTAi Senior Manager – Scientific and Health Policy Initiatives (Australia)
  • Rebecca Stiffell,  HTAi Coordinator – Scientific and Health Policy Initiatives (Canada)

Terms of Reference

  • Chair: HTAi Vice President, or the immediate Past President if the Vice Presidency is vacant or the Vice President is unable to fill this role
  • Members: At least two members of HTAi, excluding the Chair; members should be board members or current leaders/representatives of existing Interest Groups and should be familiar with IG structures and governance, nominated by the Chair, Board of Directors, or Executive Committee and ratified by the Board of Directors.
  • Term of Appointment: Two years, except for the Chair whose term shall coincide with his/her term as Vice President
  • Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly or at the call of the Chair


The Committee’s mandate is to make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning issues related to IG governance and funding and to act as a liaison between IGs and the Board. Issues within the scope of the Committee’s mandate include making recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning issues related to IG governance and funding, and acting as a liaison between the IGs and the Board.