Global Policy Forum Organizing Committee


  • Dan Ollendorf (USA)

Scientific Secretary:

  • Rebecca Trowman (Australia)


  • Andrew Mitchell (Australia)
  • Mohit Jain (UK)
  • Wim Goettsch (Netherlands)
  • Iñaki Gutierrez Ibarluzea (Spain)
  • Gesa Pellier (Switzerland)
  • Jean Slutsky (USA)
  • Mark McIntyre (UK)


  • Lara Check, Director, Operations (HTAi Secretariat, Canada)
  • Ali Powers, Manager, Events  (HTAi Secretariat, Canada)

Terms of Reference

Members of the HTAi Policy Forum drive the content, process and format of the HTAi Global Policy Forum.  The Committee acts as a conduit making-decisions and, where necessary (e.g. where there are budgetary implications), the Chair on behalf of the Forum makes recommendations to the HTAi Executive Committee and HTAi Board for ratification.