Policy Fora Coordinating Committee


  • Karen Facey (UK)


  • Clifford Goodman (UK)
  • Adrian Griffin (UK)
  • Christopher Henshall (UK)
  • Brendon Kearney (Australia)
  • Nguyen Khanh Phuong (Vietnam)
  • Andres Pichon-Riviere (Argentina)
  • Laura Sampietro-Colom (Spain)
  • Murray Ross (USA)
  • Dan Ollendorf (USA)
  • Aikaterini Fameli (UK)


  • Rebecca Trowman, HTAi Senior Manager – Scientific and Health Policy Initiatives (Australia)
  • Rebecca Stiffell,  HTAi Coordinator – Scientific and Health Policy Initiatives (Canada)

Terms of Reference

  • Chair: A member of the HTAi Board
  • Members: The founder of the HTAi Policy Forum, the Chair of the HTAi Asia Policy Forum, the Chair of the HTAi Latin America Policy Forum, the Chair of the HTAi Global Policy Forum, three not-for-profit member organization representatives (one per Forum), two for-profit member organization representatives and one designated long standing member of HTAi
  • Term of appointment: Three years (that can be extended up to a further three years), except for the Committee Chair and Forum Chairs, whose terms are linked to the term of office of their main role
  • Frequency of meetings: Four times a year


  • Review the operating models within and between the Forum series to ensure consistency and efficiency across the Forums
  • Review the impact and longevity of the Forums
  • Respond to queries raised by members of HTAi
  • Provide clear direction on the Forum Series to support the overall sustainability of the Forums and HTAi