Global Policy Forum Organizing Committee


  • Laura Sampietro-Colom (Spain)

Scientific Secretary:

  • Wija Oortwijn (Netherlands)


  • Andrew Mitchell (Australia)
  • Barbara Calvert (United States)
  • Elizabeth Cobbs (United States)
  • Joseph Cook (United States)
  • Sean Tunis (United States)
  • Tammy Clifford (Canada)
  • Wim Goettsch (Netherlands)


  • Fay Habens (University of Southampton, United Kingdom)
  • Rachel Corbett (University of Southampton, United Kingdom)
  • Daniel Lalonde (HTAi Secretariat, Canada)
  • Rebecca Trowman (HTAi Secretariat, Australia)
  • Katelyn Pretzlaff (HTAi Secretariat, Canada)

Terms of Reference

Members of the HTAi Policy Forum drive the content, process and format of the HTAi Global Policy Forum.  The Committee acts as a conduit making-decisions and, where necessary (e.g. where there are budgetary implications), the Chair on behalf of the Forum makes recommendations to the HTAi Executive Committee and HTAi Board for ratification.