Award Winners

HTAi provides Oral, Vignette and Poster Presentation Awards at each of their Annual Meetings. These awards are granted to recognise outstanding research work and presentations submitted for and held at the Annual Meetings.  Typically, prizes are awarded for students and non-students in each category, and include a cash award of $500USD.

A shortlist of the Top 10 abstracts was selected for each category and presentations were reviewed by an expert review group in the areas of presentation/poster design, clarity of message, content rigour and level of engagement.

The HTAi 2018 presentation award winners were:

Fernanda Inagaki Nagase, Canada– Best Vignette  Presentation for “Factors Associated with Recommendations on Drugs for Rare Diseases”

Paulo Marques, Brazil  – Best Student Vignette  Presentation for “Incorporation of Medical Equipment in Northeastern Brazil”

Fiona Pearce, Singapore  – Best Poster  Presentation for “Evolution Of National Drug Evaluation Processes In Singapore”

Deidre Weymann, Canada – Best  Oral  Presentation for “Review Of Economic Evaluations Of Next-Generation Precision Oncology”

Viviane Carvalho, Brazil – Best Student Oral  Presentation for “Iramuteq Analysis of Trastuzumabe’s Public Consultation in Brazil”