What are Symposia sessions?

Symposia are sessions that focus on a subject, question or issue with a collection of insights from different contributors. These sessions are open to all Annual Meeting delegates and provide the opportunity for our Industry partners to show thought leadership and engage with Annual Meeting delegates through discussions and questions.

Symposia sessions are presented in a variety of formats. In the traditional format, each contributor gets the opportunity to present their perspective and findings on the overall subject, will engage in discussions and is available for questions from the audience. This format allows for several perspectives on one specific topic in only one session. In the debate format, presentations on an argumentative or controversial subject allows contributors to introduce and argue their perspectives, points, and counterpoints. Debates are led by a chair or moderator. In the case study format, the actual case, its circumstances and conditions, its challenges and success factors, along with views of all involved stakeholders is presented inclusively.

How are Symposia sessions evaluated?

Symposia sessions are evaluated according to the HTAi 2020 Annual Meeting Symposia Guidelines, found here.