2020 Sponsored Symposia sessions

Sponsor: Biogen

Date/Time: October 13, 08:30 – 10:00 (MDT)

Title: Assessing the Value of Delay Progression in Early Alzheimer’s Disease: What are the Critical Issues?

Summary: The number of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is expected to increase globally in the coming decades, creating a considerable economic impact at all levels of society.  Future treatments for use in early AD that delay progression to later stages will be central to demonstrating long-term clinical and economic value.  This symposium provides a forum to discuss how the value of future potential treatments for early AD may be assessed and specifically considers how a delay in disease progression could impact a range of outcomes, including patient and caregiver quality of life, direct and indirect costs , but also wider impact on incidence and prevalence and broader societal costs and macroeconomic factors. The panel session will consider multiple dimensions of value from different stakeholder perspectives with the aim of facilitating understanding of the need to recognise and capture the potentially broad outcomes within an appropriate value assessment framework.   

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Sponsor: MSD

Date/Time: October 22, 07:00 – 08:30 (MDT)

Title: Innovation and Value Assessment: the Evolving Global Landscape

Summary: The recent increase in innovative medical technologies, including durable and potentially curative therapies for cancers and rare diseases, has prompted adaptations in HTA and related value assessment of these interventions. However, the relevant elements or attributes of “value” as well as such aspects as cost-effectiveness thresholds, often vary across different stakeholders. The objective of the symposium is to provide an update on global developments in value assessment, particularly as they might apply in China. It will also discuss emerging challenges and opportunities in conducting value assessment to improve evidence-based patient access to innovative therapies while sustaining innovation to address unmet medical needs.

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Sponsor: Novartis

Date/Time: November 18, 03:00 – 04:00 (MDT)

Title: Creating opportunities for patients in low and middle income countries to access advanced cell & gene therapies

Summary: Cell and Gene (C&G) therapies bring unique challenges to health systems, especially in low/middle income countries (LMIC): affordability, higher patient numbers, high up-front costs, supply/distribution/care logistics are particular considerations. In addition, scarcity of reference data and non-standard value frameworks pose uncertainties requiring multi-stakeholder discussion. Demonstration of unmet need, early payer/HTA engagement and alternative and creative payment pathways offer opportunities to bring C&G therapies to patients in LMIC. As these technologies begin to disrupt health systems, current assessment approaches need to evolve and adapt accordingly. This is even more necessary in LMIC. There is a need for stakeholders to strategically align, prepare and restructure processes for evaluation and adoption of C&G therapies. This symposium hosts presenters from academia, HTA, industry and patients group from diverse LMICs, to allow an open and creative atmosphere to share views, difficulties and potential solutions to handle C&G therapies from the HTA and payer perspectives. The symposium offers opportunity for engaged dialogue between different stakeholders and aims to  reach a mutual understanding about concerns, possibilities and feasible solutions beyond the regular HTA forums.

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Sponsor: PhRMA

Date/Time: November 30, 18:00 – 19:30 (MDT)

Title: Perspectives on the Role of Health Technology Assessment in China

Summary: This symposium will explore multiple stakeholder perspectives on the emerging role of health technology assessment in China. Drawing on Chinese policy developments and international experience, panelists will explore how well-designed systems can better recognize scientific progress and facilitate patient access to new treatments and cures.

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