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President’s Blog: April 2017


April 2017

In our 15th year achieving sustainable success for our Society remains at the forefront of our agenda.

In January, the HTAi Board of Directors came together to discuss the continued implementation of the Society’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. It is commendable that we have collectively been able to achieve or work towards all fifty-seven identified responsibilities for the 2016-17 membership year. This is very much to the credit and support of our members who are engaged with achieving the goals of the seven Board Advisory Committees, Chaired by the Society’s Board of Directors, to support the implementation of our seven strategic priorities as outlined in our Strategic Plan.

This new structure allows us to continue and ramp up our investment into areas of activity such as our 10 unique Interest Groups. We welcomed JoAnne Zaborowski as the Group Coordinator, a newly created position in 2016, to have in place a dedicated member of HTAi’s Secretariat to mainly support and facilitate the Interest Groups’ collaborative activities.

HTAi has also welcomed Rebecca Trowman as Manager of the HTAi Policy Forums, another recently created role to support the Society’s think tank and the respective, renowned Chairs leading our Global Policy Forum and our two Regional Forums, the Asia Policy Forum and the Latin American Policy Forum.

The Board regrettably learned that Lucy Turner will transition out of her role as Managing Director at the end of June this year; Lucy has relocated with her family and felt that with the new team in the Secretariat it was best to move to local management this summer. Active recruitment is currently underway with the hope of announcing the new Managing Director at the Annual General Meeting in Rome.

HTAi is continuing to build capacity and support international partnerships, whether this be joint initiatives with International Network of Agencies in Health Technology Assessment to support the HTA Glossary or working with RedETSA as HTA has launched in El Salvador. We are also proud of our Patient and Citizen Involvement Interest Group for their initiative in organizing a meeting last year which was held in Manchester and the many collaborations and resources this group continually shares with our community.

It is a delight to see the IJTAHC editorial team of our Society’s journal, growing under the new leadership of Professor Wendy Babidge. We encourage you to consider submitting your manuscripts to the Society Journal; this can easily be accomplished online.

There is a continued flurry of activity ongoing before we come together in Rome in June. We are excited to develop the Society’s communication strategy as we look forward to increased information sharing. We are eager to see the developments of the Society’s new Business Development, and Building Capacity and Scientific Direction Committees as we look to increase knowledge sharing and continuing to grow our Society in a purposeful way.

I am pleased to announce that preparations are also well underway for our meeting in 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and invite you to the unveiling of their exciting program and venue at our Annual Meeting in Rome.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a personal invitation and strongly encourage you, if you have not already registered for Rome ’17, you really must. In true Italian style, it is going to be fabulous – to find our more, please visit:

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Rome,

Professor Guy Maddern

HTAi President