Upcoming Annual Meeting Webinar: Is There Potential for a Joint HTA in Europe? An Evaluation of EUnetHTA JCA vs National Appraisals


We are excited to announce that our first pre-Annual Meeting webinar is coming up!

Join us Tuesday, May 28th 7:30 – 8:30 am MDT as Pharmerit International discusses the potential for joint HTA in Europe.

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Webinar Information

Europe is striving towards greater cooperation in Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Opportunities exist to create synergies through mutual information sharing among member states to support national HTAs. Although there is increasing focus on the uptake of EUnetHTA joint clinical assessments, challenges need to be identified and addressed, before current efforts can translate into seamless and efficient HTA harmonization in Europe.

During this webinar, we will present an overview of current trends, and our findings based on a qualitative comparison of the methodologies used in the JCA (within the JA3 framework) and the appraisals performed by the national HTA bodies (NICE, G-BA and HAS) in oncology.

By participating in the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Deep-dive into EUnetHTA JA3 assessments and their evolution over time
  • Draw a comparison between JCAs and appraisals performed by the national HTA bodies (NICE, G-BA and HAS) in oncology
  • Gain a real-world update of the ongoing discussions around JCAs
  • Discern the potential for a joint HTA in Europe, in terms of opportunities and challenges


  • Moderator: Rosemary Jose, Director, Strategic Market Access, Pharmerit International
  • Co-Moderator: Amrita Ostawal, Associate Director, Strategic Market Access, Pharmerit International


We’ll have additional webinars in early June, so check our website and social media channels often for more details. If you haven’t registered for the 2019 Annual Meeting, there is still time. Please visit for the complete program, a list of our speakers, plenary sessions and of course, to register!