Upcoming webinar: Innovative Technologies and Their Impact on Assessment of Health Technologies


We are pleased to announce an upcoming webinar!

On June 27, 2019 at 8:00-9:00 MDT, join Amaris Consulting as they present, “Innovative Technologies and Their Impact on Assessment of Health Technologies.” This webinar will focus on how the continuous evolution of technologies provides the foundations on which innovation in healthcare can thrive.

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Webinar Information

Summary: Increased development and adoption of technological solutions on personal and institutional levels create an unprecedented opportunity for outcomes data collection, its integration, exchange and analysis. This webinar discusses the potential of technological innovation to transform value-based healthcare and the way health technologies are assessed.

Structure of Session:
Topic 1: Innovations in healthcare: general overview & direction (Speaker: Petar Atanasov).
Topic 2: Innovative technologies and real-world evidence (RWE) collection (Speaker: Robert Chu)
Topic 3: Innovative contracting & the role of technologies (Speaker: Anthony Berthon)
Topic 4: Role of innovative technologies in the delivery of value-based healthcare (Speaker: Lisa Hollins)
Topic 5: The role and assessment of predictive analytics / machine learning-based health technologies (Speaker: Mehdi Benchoufi)

Outcomes and Objectives: This multidisciplinary webinar combines the views of experts in their fields and delivers a comprehensive overview of how innovation may transform the way we assess value of health technologies and ultimately make decisions on reimbursement. The session will also provide non-experts with a fundamental understanding of key concepts and benefits associated with disruptive technologies entering the field. Our objective is to deliver the webinar in a way which is engaging to the diversity of stakeholders that are actively involved in the areas of health technology value assessment and more broadly with the delivery of value-based healthcare.

This webinar discusses a range of topics which could be of interest to:

  • HTA decision makers
  • Drug and medical device manufacturers
  • Outcomes researchers
  • Policy makers
  • Digital health specialists
  • Value-based healthcare specialists