HTAi 2019 Board of Directors


HTAi would like to extend our congratulations to the newly-elected 2019 Board of Directors, and a thank-you to those who put their names forward.

In total, 12 candidates were approved to run in the election to fill the Vice President and 4 Director positions. The vote boasted a 44.2% voter turnout, and was announced at the Annual General Meeting on June 17, 2019 in Cologne, Germany.


Wija OORTWIJN (Netherlands) Vice President
Jani MUELLER (South Africa) Director
Leonor LEMA (Spain) Director
Wim GOETTSCH (Netherlands) Director
Catherine HOLLIDAY (Switzerland/Australia) Director

Additional Changes

Iñaki GUTIERREZ – IBARLUZEA (Spain) President
Sean TUNIS (United States) Past President

For more information on the HTAi Board of Directors, please visit our Board of Directors page.