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The HTAi Round-up: What’s New This Week – November 1, 2019


What’s New: the Latest from HTAi

From Travel Grants to Policy Forum: take a look at what we’ve been up to in this week’s edition of the HTAi Round-up.

HTAi Asia Policy Forum will be held November 6-8

The HTAi 2019 Asia Policy Forum will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, November 6-8. The Forum will include a supporting background paper on Sustainability of Healthcare Systems in Asia: Exploring the Role of Horizon Scanning and Reassessment in the HTA Landscape.

For more information on the HTAi Asia Policy Forum, including past meeting locations and publications, visit this page.

INAMI/RIZIV seeking consultation

Belgian healthcare payer INAMI/RIZIV commissioned work to explore the potential of real-world evidence to close evidentiary gaps for HTA/payer decisions. Comment is requested (via this survey) by all international stakeholder groups on the proposed stakeholder actions in the draft paper Real-world evidence to support HTA/payer decisions on highly innovative technologies – Actions for stakeholders. Consultation will remain open until January 6, 2020. Further details are provided in the survey link.

Travel Grant deadline ends in three weeks

The Travel Grant submission system closes November 21, 2019, which leaves just under three weeks to apply!

HTAi offers Travel Grants to support HTA stakeholders who would otherwise not be able to attend the HTAi Annual Meeting for the purpose of contributing their expertise, presenting their work or otherwise benefitting from participation in the global HTA community. These grants are funded directly by HTAi and in some cases, are sponsored by external parties on an unconditional basis.

To be eligible for an HTAi Travel Grant, applicants must qualify to represent one of the following groups:

  • Applicant resides in a low- or middle-income country (as defined by the World Bank Link);
    • Please note: Individuals temporarily residing in a high-income country but maintaining permanent residence in a low or middle-income country may apply for an HTAi Travel Grant. However, preference may be given to individuals currently residing in low- or middle-income countries.
  • Applicant is a patient or care-giver who can provide patient insights relevant to health policy and HTA and is associated with a not-for-profit patient engagement network. (Letter of confirmation from organization represented must be provided.)
  • Applicant is a full-time student enrolled in a post-secondary education program or course for HTA. (Certificate of enrollment must be provided.)

To apply for Travel Grants for the 2020 Annual Meeting in Beijing, please follow this link.

Oral, Vignette, and Poster Abstract Submission System closes November 21, 2019

If you’re planning on submitting an Oral, Vignette, or Poster abstract for the 2020 Annual Meeting, mark your calendars; the deadline is just around the corner! For more information on abstract submissions, visit this page.

Latin America Policy Forum seeking Chair

The current term for the Chair to the Latin America Policy Forum ends in June 2020. As such, HTAi is now seeking to appoint a highly skilled and experienced Chair who has the trust of, and credibility amongst, both the international HTA agencies and health technology companies.

Any HTAi member who feels they meet the selection criteria may apply for the position with the recommendation of an HTAi Latin American Policy Forum member or HTAi Board member. HTAi
Latin American Policy Forum members can apply without other nomination. Any HTAi Board Director who wishes to apply must take account of the conflict of interest policy and be prepared to demit office as a Director.

For more information, please visit this post.

Member Contributions

Are you an active member with something you would like to add to the biweekly round-up? If so, please send your request to [email protected], attn: Communications Team.