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HTAi Round-up: What’s New This Week – February 28, 2020


The latest from HTAi

This week’s news includes updates on the 2020 Annual Meeting, new information on the Regional Meeting in Ukraine, and reminders about the upcoming Board election.

Important Update on the HTAi 2020 Annual Meeting

HTAi issued an updated statement on February 27, 2020, regarding the upcoming 2020 Annual Meeting. To read the full statement, please visit this page.

The HTAi Board met on February 25, 2020 to review contingency plans and determined to continue with planning for the 2020 Annual Meeting in Beijing at this time.

HTAi has been working with our local hosts, Fudan University and China National Health Development Research Centre (CNHDRC), over the past two years with the goal of expanding our ability to mobilize and strengthen the global HTA community. Despite local logistical challenges as a result of the outbreak, all parties remain committed to this goal and are seeking solutions to make the conference successful.

Further information is included in our attached announcement, on the Annual Meeting website, and through our social media platforms.

What to look for:

  • Registration is open and the Early Bird deadline has been extended to April 20, 2020.
  • HTAi will offer a full refund on registration to any delegates who are prevented from attending the Annual Meeting due to COVID-19. Please review the refund policy.
  • HTAi has released information on travelling to the 2020 Annual Meeting. Please visit this page for more information.

HTAi Board Elections

Board elections are just around the corner, and only current HTAi members are eligible to vote. Have you updated your membership yet? Visit this page to do it now.

Your individual HTAi membership provides access to the following:

Interested in an organizational membership? Organizational members receive:

HTAi Regional Meeting in Ukraine

Registration for the HTAi Regional Meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine is now open!

The meeting is to be held on April 1 and 2, and the theme of the meeting is Integrating HTA into healthcare reforms in emerging settings. Want to check out the program? Visit this page.

Limited sponsorship opportunities are available for this meeting.

Call for Application: Asia Policy Forum Chair

HTAi is seeking to appoint a highly skilled and experienced Chair who has the trust of, and credibility amongst, both the international HTA agencies and health technology companies.

The successful candidate will:

  • Provide active leadership of the Asia Policy Forum through Chairing meetings of the Asia Policy Forum, the Asia Policy Forum Organizing Committee, project team meetings, member recruitment and selection activity, and other meetings as required. In particular, the Chair will focus on the identification of pertinent and relevant policy topics for the region and develop innovative ways to encourage networking and discussion sessions as the Forum.  
  • Steer the content of the scientific materials and the meeting, working closely with the Scientific Secretary to guide the development of the background paper, meeting content and subsequent journal article. The Chair will have responsibility for signing off on materials that are produced by the Asia Policy Forum. 
  • Develop relationships with HTA agency and government leaders in the region and industry partners. Identify ways to build new relationships and stabilizing and strengthen existing relationships.  
  • Following appointment, work closely with the current Chair to develop understanding of the work of the Forum and the activity that supports it. The Chair-elect will attend as observer for the 2020 Forum (dates TBD, late October, early November 2020), then take the lead in the development of the topic and agenda for the 2021 meeting from November 2020 onwards. The term is for 3 years and includes Chairing the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Asia Policy Forum meetings.  

For more information, visit this post.

Member Contributions

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