HTAi 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting: Intro to Day Two and Day One Recap


We’ve officially made it to Day Two of the 2021 Annual Meeting, and we’re just getting started!

Day Two Intro

Day Two is a big day at #HTAi2021VirtualAM, with four panel sessions; Symposia sessions led by Takeda, Janssen UK, Novartis and Pfizer UK; a keynote address from Neil Bertelsen; and a plenary dedicated to Patients at the Heart of Innovation.

Symposia Sessions: SY03, SS01, SS02, and SS03

SY03: Presented by Takeda UK Limited 10:15 – 11:30 (UTC): Giving Caregivers a Clear Voice in HTA. SY03 will explore why caregiver quality of life is an important consideration, look at how it is considered in HTAs globally and discuss how it could be more universally included, including how the industry captures the necessary data. 

SS01: Presented by Janssen UK 14:00 – 15:00 (UTC): Evolving HTA Frameworks to Keep Pace with Cancer Innovation and Accelerate Access for Patients. SS01 will explore collaborative solutions aimed at achieving sustainable access for patients to cancer innovations across Europe.

The structure of the session will be a moderated discussion around 3 key themes:

•In what ways are current HTA processes struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation in cancer, and how does this impact patients?

•How can greater collaboration across Europe drive improvements in HTA methodologies and reduce variation in access across the region?

•How can we ensure the systematic and sustainable involvement of patients across countries in Europe?

SS02: Presented by Novartis Pharma AG 14:00 – 15:00 (UTC): Converging Novel HTA and Access Pathways in Adaptable Healthcare Systems. This symposium explores stakeholder perspectives on disconnects between innovation and HTA frameworks and aims to discuss feasible pathways to the healthcare system shaping through innovation.

SS03: Presented by Pfizer UK 14:00 – 15:00 (UTC): What role might Outcomes-Based Agreements for Medicines play in future Value-Based Healthcare Systems. This symposium will discuss the role of OBAs in future VBHC systems and some of the challenges that these will need to overcome to become a reality, from defining the outcomes that add value to establishing the proper data infrastructures to collect these in the long-term systematically. The session will bring together diverse perspectives of how this could happen, from patients, healthcare professionals through to reimbursement bodies, payers and industry partners.

Read more here.

Plenary Two

Patients at the Heart of Innovation, at 10: 00 – 11:30 (UTC), will cover what engagement should mean today, and what we know about the science of respectful and meaningful participation. It will also explore how the field of HTA can support person-centered decision-making in the context of health technology assessment (HTA) and often complex technology adoption. Discussions will include consideration of optimal integration of the patient voice in HTA bodies and the best ways to advance HTA recommendations and clinical guideline development to meet person-centered health system needs. 

Read more about Plenary 2 here, and the speakers here.

Keynote 2 – Presented by Patient Advocate, Neil Bertelsen

For the past 25 years, Neil has brought the patient voice into the heart of health care. Originally a scientist, Neil became a patient advocate in the field of HIV in the 1990s with a mission to bridge the gap between science and the patient. He works directly with the patient community, the industry, and HTA bodies to improve patient engagement in healthcare decisions.

Read more about Neil Bertelsen here.

Catch up and Connect

Join us for the first HTAi Catch up and Connect at 17:30 – 19:00 (UTC) for a social event to remember, featuring a virtual mixology class! The class, offered by the experts at Mixology Events from TT Liquor, is a chance for you to get to know your fellow delegates and show your creative side, all from the comfort of your home.

Missed the cocktail kit cut-off? We’ve got you covered! All cocktail and mocktail ingredient lists are on our website.

Parallel to the mixology class, you will have the option to attend Zentangle, a bite-size art session with Irene Walker from NICE at 18:30 – 19:05 (UTC), or attend a rebroadcast of our remarkable performances from UK artists The Ayoub Sisters, the Northern Chamber Orchestra, and Welsh Men’s Choir Only Men Aloud.

The social event sessions will be followed by 45 minutes of speed networking!

Virtual Exhibition Hall

Visit our Virtual Exhibition Hall at any time during the Annual meeting! It’s an excellent opportunity to search the list of exhibitors and download brochures, and much more! Remember, you can connect with exhibitors through the Meeting Hub – a great chance to learn first-hand about innovation in HTA.

Additionally, be sure to visit the Annual Meeting oral and poster presentation gallery, where you can browse and search for presentations that interest you.

Day One recap

Day One sessions started with the Opening Ceremony, including addresses from the following:

  • Edward Cliffton | Unit Head, Scottish Health Technologies Group, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, and LOC co-Chair
  • Karen Samuels | Head of Patient Access to Medicines, All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre
  • Meindart Boyson | Director, Centre for Health Evaluation, NICE, and LOC co-Chair
  • HTAi Past President, Iñaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea

While the Hon. Lord Bethell of Romford’s original planned address faced technical challenges, the issues were resolved later in the day and his address was included during the rebroadcast.

Following the Opening Ceremony, Keynote Speaker Dr. June Raine CBE took the stage to explore the Regulator-HTA partnership in driving innovation. Plenary One, Evidence for HTA: Innovative Methods for Challenging Times, kicked off immediately following Dr. Raine’s presentation, and included a lively and insightful discussion session.

If you missed the Opening Ceremony, Keynote Speaker, Lord Bethall’s welcome address, or Plenary One, we have good news: you can still view the presentations and discussions on-demand for 24 hours following the original broadcasts! To view them, click on that session’s agenda item on the main page in the Annual Meeting platform, and select “Session Recording” from the right side of the screen.

See What Your Colleagues Are Saying

Day One was a big event on Twitter! Delegates had fun posing questions, sharing learning moments, and promoting their Panel, Oral, and Poster presentations. The HTAi Annual Meeting team is sharing and commenting on posts throughout the day. Search the official event hashtag, #HTAi2021VirtualAm, or visit HTAi on Twitter, @HTAiorg, to read what everyone was talking about!