The Global Policy Forum has recently opened a call for nominations for the HTAi Global Policy Forum Organizing Committee to fill a not-for-profit vacancy.

Global Policy Forum Organizing Committee members are required to commit to continued and diligent support of the content and development of Global Policy Forum meetings through input on the topic, agenda, the research, framing and reporting of the pre-meeting background paper, the identification of speakers, and several outputs of the meeting. Input will be provided by email and through approximately ten 90-minute meetings (by teleconference) per year ahead of the HTAi Global Policy Forum meeting in late January.

The term of office for member organization representatives is 3 years and can be extended up to a further 3 years only (maximum 6-year term).

The deadline for nominations is Friday, October 15, 2021. Nominations can be submitted by email to [email protected].

The Global Policy Forum Chair will review nominations with the support of the HTAi Secretariat.

Please see the Policy Forum Series Organizing Committees’ terms of reference for more information.

If you have any questions regarding Policy Forums, please email Ali Powers at [email protected].