Call for Technical Officers: DEA-IG, PCIG, DCIG

Are you new to HTA? Are you interested in connecting with the global HTA community? An extraordinary opportunity awaits you. Become a vital part of HTAi’s Interest Groups (IG)— apply to become an IG Technical Officer!

The Disinvestment and Early Awareness IG (DEA IG), the HTA in Developing Countries IG (DCIG) and the Patient & Citizen Involvement IG (PCIG) are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic individual who is willing to provide one to two days a month to support their Co-Chairs and Steering Committee as a Technical Officer (TO), from January to December 2024 (subject to a positive evaluation by the IG Chairs, the contract may be extended for additional 12 months).

Examples of responsibilities include defining agendas, setting calls and taking minutes, writing reports, supporting project work and scientific papers, drafting press releases and other similar activities. 

About the HTAi IGs

Disinvestment and Early Awareness IG

The Disinvestment and Early Awareness Interest Group (DEA IG) is dedicated to collaboration, sharing knowledge and expertise, development of methods for prioritising and assessing emerging, obsolete, or low value technologies, and in the practical application of de-adoption or disinvestment for health systems.
This interest group meets the needs of members who have an interest in emerging, obsolete or low value technologies.

HTA in Developing Countries IG

HTA in Developing Countries Interest Group is a service to members who reside or have interest in developing countries. This Interest Group is dedicated to sharing members’ experiences, activities, resources, opportunities for education and training, discussing ideas and projects, needs, challenges and solutions that are specific to the developing countries. DCIG is a communication platform to help advancing HTA in developing countries.

Patient & Citizen Involvement IG

The HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA Interest Group (PCIG) is a service to HTAi members who have an interest in patient and public involvement in HTA. This Interest Group is dedicated to:

  • Promoting and developing robust methodologies to incorporate patient and citizen perspectives into HTAs and sharing best practice in patient and citizen participation in the HTA process.
  • Strengthening HTA by systematic incorporation of patient and citizen perspectives.
  • Supporting countries with limited experience of HTA to elicit and incorporate patient and citizen perspectives

How to apply

Please complete and submit the HTAi Technical Officer Application Form and your CV to [email protected] by Friday December 15th 2023

Your application will be reviewed by the IG Chairs who may ask the potential applicants to have an interview. Successful candidates will be notified by the Secretariat at the end of the selection  process.

Please note that you must be an HTAi member in good standing to apply for this position. Applications from non-members will be rejected. If you don’t have an active membership for 2024, you can renew it here

For any request of clarification please contact [email protected]