Deliberative Processes for HTA Joint Task Force

What is the Deliberative Processes for HTA Joint Task Force?

The Deliberative Processes for HTA Joint Task Force is an HTAi – ISPOR initiative to develop a consensus definition for a deliberative process from an HTA perspective and internationally recognized good practice recommendations on the use of deliberative processes in HTA.

Why was this Task Force created?

As highlighted at the 2020 Global Policy Forum meeting, there is limited research on deliberation in HTA and no accepted minimum standards of conduct. The Task Force aims to provide direction and recommendations on international good practices of deliberative process. In accordance with the Strategic Plans of both Societies, and the recognition that the HTA and broader outcomes research community should be collaborating in advancing standards and practices, ISPOR and HTAi have come together to form a Deliberative Processes for HTA Good Practices Task Force.

Where can I go for more information?

Additional resources from the 2020 Global Policy Forum’s discussion on Deliberative Processes for HTA are available on this page.

For more information on the HTAi-ISPOR Task Force on Deliberative Processes for HTA, visit this page.