HTA and Value-Based Healthcare: Methods Part 1

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HTA and Value-Based Healthcare: Methods

March 4, 2021
9:00 a.m. MST


Richard Charter, Vice-President, Alira Health

Iga Lipska, Research Project Manager at National Health Fund

Anastasia Chalkidou, Associate Director and Senior Research Fellow in HTA

Joseph Casey, Professor, Director of Partnerships and Programme

Session Details

This session will discuss the methodological differences between HTA and Value-Based Healthcare and how they can be applied to Medical Devices. The aim is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how HTA and VBHC methods can be used in practice. It will further the goals and mission of the Medical Devices Interest Group, including advancing the dialogue on Medical Device HTA methods and evidence-based policy-making to develop the way we evaluate a rapidly evolving technology sector.