HTAi Announces Appointment of Global Policy Forum Chair, 2025-2027

HTAi is pleased to announce the appointment of Meindert Boysen as the Global Policy Chair for the 2025-2027 term. The Global Policy Forum serves as a pivotal platform for knowledge exchange, collaborative discussions, and policy shaping in the field of Health Technology Assessment (HTA), and the Chair plays a pivotal role in both the structure and direction of the Forum. The Forum membership is drawn from for-profit and not-for-profit organisations broadly operating in the field of HTA.

To ensure a seamless transition, Meindert will be working closely with the current Chair, Dan Ollendorf, until the end of his term in July 2024. With his impressive qualifications and extensive background, Meindert is well-positioned to continue the vital work of the Global Policy Chair.

Meindert’s dedication to advancing HTA is evident through his work. As Head of International Affairs at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Meindert is responsible for international partnership working, developing NICE’s role in international fora and representing NICE at key international meetings. Until recently, Meindert was the director at NICE responsible for delivery of the programmes that form the centre for health technology evaluation, including the technology appraisals, highly specialised technologies, medical technologies evaluation, diagnostic assessment and interventional procedures programmes. Meindert also serves as Chair for HTAi’s Lifecycle HTA Taskforce, and chairs one of the three working groups for the Access to Novel Medicines Platform for WHO Europe. Meindert will be taking up the role in a personal capacity.

Please join HTAi in welcoming Meindert Boysen as the next HTAi Global Policy Forum Chair.