HTAi Annual Meeting – Did you know?

Since 2003, HTAi has held a yearly Annual Meeting providing opportunities for our members to gather to share latest research, advance discussions in policy and methods, and build global networks around HTA.

Ask anyone who has been lucky enough to attend an Annual Meeting and they will tell you it is a 5-day event packed with thought provoking and cutting-edge conversations. It is also a chance to meet and learn from peers and leading experts in the HTA field.

But did you know that all the scientific content that makes it into an Annual Meeting is managed by a committee of international experts from various HTA disciplines? For each Annual Meeting, an International Scientific Program Committee (ISPC) is convened. Over a period of 18 months they:

  • develop the meeting and plenary themes
  • identify and invite keynote and plenary speakers
  • review panel, symposia and workshop abstracts
  • oversee the review and selection of all abstracts
  • create a vibrant, engaging and balanced program of scientific content

Our ISPCs voluntarily dedicate their time and expertise to reflect the ever-changing global challenges associated with HTA within the Annual Meeting’s scientific program. Opening the debate, keeping the momentum and supporting collaboration are leading factors in the ISPC aims and objectives.

Janney Wale is an independent Patient Advocate, a member of the HTAI Patient and Citizen Interest Group and also a member of our 2021AM ISPC. We asked Janney for her thoughts on being an ISPC member.

Question: What is the best thing about being on an ISPC?

Answer: Meeting fellow members of HTAi, listening to and working with them and their different perspectives. Feeling a common thread of wanting the meeting to be a success, with not working at cross purposes. This works best if the meetings are not too large and there is continuity in who is on the calls.

Question: What is the worst thing about being on an ISPC?

Answer: Sometimes it is the time of the meetings, and the quality of the calls. All those abstracts to review can also be a challenge, and being fair to each one within the scoring system.

Question: What have you gained from being an ISPC member?

Answer: The sense of being part of a well-meaning group of people from a variety of knowledge-based expertise and geographical backgrounds. Being committed to working together to create a stimulating meeting and to advance the work of the organization. Having respect for the local organizing committee and of course for the hard work of the Secretariat.

Question: Why do you think having an ISPC to develop the AM scientific program is important?

Answer: It is important that the program is developed by a varied, diverse group of HTAi members. It can have a local flavor but all members of HTAi need to feel welcomed. The Annual Meeting should belong to the members and be an opportunity to meet, greet and share experiences, openly and globally. HTA has to demonstrate that it is meaningful for all involved, including patients and the public. We need to be open to discussions and new ideas.

Question: Which element of the AM do you enjoy the most / item you are looking forward to the most for our 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting?

Answer: It is the plenary sessions that are the glue for the different aspects of the Annual Meeting and which can give a spirit of adventure to the Meeting. I attended a great workshop in 2020 that really opened my eyes. I hope I have similar experiences in 2021.


You can read more about the scientific program for our 2021 Annual Meeting on our website.