HTAi Debuts Endorsement Program

HTAi prides itself on elevating high-quality health technology assessment (HTA) content. A new program from the organization, called Endorsed by HTAi, aims to acknowledge high-value and quality products, programs, events, and resources related to HTA.

To receive the Endorsed by HTAi designation, HTA stakeholders can submit an application via email. Each application is evaluated by the HTAi Scientific Development and Capacity Building (SDCB) Committee on an individual basis in an effort to assess and elevate the wide variety of approaches, elements, and factors that encompass HTA.

The applicant will be asked to comprehensively describe the activity for which endorsement by HTAi is being sought, including (but not limited to) relevant elements, not only related to the content of the event/product, the material, and the pedagogic techniques; but also related to the presenters, the cost for participants, and the evaluation of the event itself.

Example questions applicants will need to answer:

  • How does this program fill a gap or need in the field?
  • Is the scope of the material and statement of learning outcomes clear?
  • Are the assessment processes sufficient to assess learning?
  • Is there a conflict of interest for the presenter?
  • What is the presenter’s background?

Additionally, the content will be evaluated for conflict with the interest and understanding of HTAi and ethical, legal, local, cultural or other external sensitivities are considered. For questions or more information, please send an email to [email protected], attention: Endorsements