HTAi Global Policy Forum – Call for Not-For-Profit Expressions of Interest

The HTAi Global Policy Forum currently has 1 vacancy for a not-for-profit organization to join the HTAi Global Policy Forum.

We welcome Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from not-for-profit organizational members of HTAi who have formal responsibilities within a health care system to make HTA-based decisions and/or provide HTA-based advice on coverage or pricing of health care technologies. EOIs from any country are welcome. The benefits of Global Policy Forum membership include:

  • The opportunity to send 2 senior staff members to Global Policy Forum meetings to network and build relationships in an informal and constructive environment with senior staff from other organizations which have interests in HTA, both similar to and different from their own;
  • The opportunity to debate HTA and policy decision-making issues with senior figures from health care, industry, HTA agencies, and regulatory and other bodies in a “safe harbour” environment;
  • The opportunity to learn about the present state of, and likely developments in, HTA in relation to decision making and to consider the implications of these developments;
  • The opportunity to meet HTAi Board Members to discuss the future of HTAi and the services the Society offers;
  • Recognition, in HTAi reports and publications, as well as on the HTAi website of the member organization’s strategic relationship with, and support for, HTAi; and,
  • All the benefits of HTAi organizational membership.

Not-for-profit member organizations are expected to contribute $2,500 USD per annum in addition to their HTAi organizational subscription.

It is expected that the organization joining the Global Policy Forum will attend the 2022 HTAi Global Policy Forum in Vancouver, Canada (March 26-28, 2022). We recognize that, despite safety measures, travel may be difficult (or impossible) for some of you, so we will be integrating virtual features to the event to allow for some remote participation. 

Process for submitting an EOI

An EOI should comprise of a short document (no more than 4 pages, minimum 10 pt font) that includes:

  1. Confirmation that the organization is an organizational member of HTAi;
  2. An overview of the organization, indicating its role and activities associated with HTA;
  3. Reasons for seeking to join the Global Policy Forum and the contributions the organization expects to make;
  4. A short biography of the people in the organization who will participate in the Global Policy Forum and the specific expertise and experience they bring; and,
  5. A statement of intent to join the Global Policy Forum for a minimum of 3 years and make the annual financial contribution required of members.

The deadline for receipt of EOIs is February 2, 2022.  EOIs should be emailed to [email protected].

Final decisions will be made by the HTAi Executive Committee (on the advice of the Global Policy Forum Organizing Committee) and will be communicated to organizations as soon as possible thereafter.

More information

Full details of the EOI submission and review process and criteria are available in the Member Selection Process Guideline.

Questions? Please contact the HTAi Secretariat via email [email protected]