HTAi is thrilled to announce that we have joined the Board of Decide, the global network for value for money in health.

Hosted by the World Health Organization, an HTAi MOU partner, Decide helps healthcare decision makers achieve best value for money in health choices and policies through data, analytics and knowledge. Decide strives to add value by developing operational products for decision makers, convening collaborative spaces for stakeholders working in its fields of activities, and by brokering insight and knowledge across its ecosystem.

Decide’s platform of collaboration aligns with HTAi’s mission to accelerate the growth of health technology assessment across the world – and in doing so, to make health systems more accessible, more equitable and more impactful for patients.

Decide announced the news on November 17, 2022. About the Board placement, Decide said:

Earlier this year, the plenary session on HTA organized by Decide on the occasion of the International conference on Priority Setting in Health (ISPH) also mustered much praise and excellent feedback thanks to an unparalleled line up of thought leadership and expertise: click here to know more.

HTAi is therefore at home on the Board of the Decide Hub, and all the member organizations are delighted to welcome a new member organization with such expertise and experience in this area of work.

Learn more about the Decide.