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The 2024 Board of Directors Election Closes May 2! 

The 2024 Board of Directors Election provides an opportunity to fulfill one of the most important duties for HTAi members: voting! 

The Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction and policies of the organization. As an HTAi member, exercising your right to vote ensures you have a direct say in the leadership and future of the organization. Each member brings a unique perspective, experience, and expertise that is crucial to well-rounded decision-making, leading to a vibrant and involved community. 

Your 2024 Board Election Candidates

Candidates for Treasurer

The HTAi Board of Directors and its Nominating and Election Committee are pleased to introduce the following candidates for Treasurer. All candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Candidates for Secretary

The HTAi Board of Directors and its Nominating and Election Committee are pleased to introduce the following candidates for Secretary. All candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

The next steps for the Election are as follows:

    • Encouragement to Candidates: We encourage candidates to actively campaign and urge their HTAi network to participate in the voting process.
    • Board Election Closes: The 2024 Board of Directors election will close on May 2, 2024 at 23:59 UTC. 
    • Announcement of Results: The election results will be unveiled at the Annual General Meeting of Members. Additionally, they will be posted on the Society’s website and social media platforms. Those elected will assume their positions immediately following the Annual General Meeting in June, with the exact date to be announced later.
    • More Information: For any inquiries regarding Board nominations and elections, please contact us via email at [email protected].

Join the HTAi 2024 Annual Meeting virtually!

Want to join the 2024 Annual Meeting fun, but can’t make it to Seville? We have good news: the HTAi 2024 Annual Meeting will be offered in-person and online!

The HTAi 2024 Annual Meeting offers a distinctive blend of engagement and interaction that caters to both virtual and in-person attendees. Get ready for a whirlwind of cutting-edge scientific discussions, interactive sessions, and unparalleled networking opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries. Virtual attendees will be able to live-stream in-person events, and all attendees will have access to exclusive on-demand presentations throughout the conference. Learn about virtual attendance here

Explore the 2024 Workshop Program

Leading into the HTAi 2024 Annual Meeting, senior experts and HTA leaders are offering two days of pre-conference workshops. These half-day and full-day Workshops are designed to share innovative experiences and practices, and to provide learning opportunities for participants. 

For the next few months, each issue of the HTAi Review will feature a workshop spotlight, aimed to help HTAi members learn about available opportunities. Registration is open for each of these workshops, which can either be included as part of the Annual Meeting registration or attended separately.

Important Upcoming Dates

Standard registration deadline: Thursday, June 6, 2024 at Midnight MDT (UTC-6) 

Last-minute registration: Friday, June 7 to Wednesday, June 19, 2024 

WS01 – Identifying Patient Subgroups to Facilitate Personalized Policy Decision Making: Hands-On Exercises in Diabetes 

Date & Time: Saturday, June 15 | 9.00AM to 5.00PM 
Presenters: Dr. Junfeng Wang, Xinyu Li1, Haoyue Wang 
Summary: In this 6-hour workshop, the presenters will showcase how to identify patients subgroups based on their characteristics and risks, with unsupervised and supervised machine learning techniques. A recent pharmacoeconomic analysis in comparing different strategies of identifying diabetes subgroups and their health economics value will serve as a case study. Participants will gain hands-on experiences in data analysis. 

WS15 – Navigating the Living Health Technology Assessment Journey: From Conceptualization to Implementation 

Date & Time: Sunday, June 16 | 9.00AM to 5.00PM 
Presenters: María Ximena Rojas-Reyes 
Summary: The incorporation of the Living Evidence model into HTA development requires guidance, training, and the development of skills among groups accustomed to traditional HTA methods. The LE-IHD project group has developed a comprehensive strategy for building capacity for this purpose among HTA-developers. This workshop provides an opportunity to delve in-depth into the approach with practical examples and hands-on support tools. 

WS04 – How To Use The PriTec Tool For Network Prioritization Processes in Health Technology Assessment? 

Date & Time: Saturday, June 15 | 9.00AM to 5.00PM 
Presenters: Mrs Maria-Jose Faraldo-Valles, PhD Leonor Varela-Lema, Ms Noemí Raña-Villar, Ms Jutta Knabe Guerra
Summary: PriTec is an automatically executable multi-criteria web application which enables networked prioritization of health technologies for assessment, monitoring or disinvestment, so that many users can jointly rank technologies. The workshop will approach the rationale behind the functioning and a joint prioritization exercise will be carried out. Besides, its use in the Spanish National Health System will be presented for discussion. 

WS23 – The Design Of Health Technology Assessment Processes Using Evidence-Informed Deliberative Processes In Low And Middle Income Countries 

Date & Time: Sunday, June 16 | 1.30PM to 5.00PM 
Presenters: Dr Wija Oortwijn, Dr. Maryam Huda, Dr Lyazzat Kosherbayeva 
Summary: On their path towards universal health coverage, governments need to make choices in the design of HTA processes which may be challenging in countries that have limited experience with HTA. This workshop provides practical guidance on how to make these choices, informed by the theory of evidence-informed deliberative processes (EDPs), international best practices and practical examples from several middle-income countries.

Presenting at the 2024 Annual Meeting? Here’s what you need to know. 

Get ahead of the game! Instructions for presenting at the HTAi 2024 Annual Meeting are now available. Head over to the Annual Meeting site to ensure you’re ready to showcase your work with a global audience of HTA leaders. Instructions are available for in-person and pre-recorded presentations.

Get to know your 2024 Annual Meeting Speakers!

We have an exciting lineup planned for this year’s Annual Meeting that you won’t want to miss! Engage with thought leaders as our expert panels delve into critical issues shaping the future of HTA and examine the topics that matter to the future of HTA, including:

  • common challenges currently faced by health authorities in both developed and developing healthcare systems, what these systems need from HTA, and what HTA needs to be able to effectively respond;
  • the role and potential of global networks in fostering innovation and collaboration in HTA, and the pivotal role they play in shaping HTA methodologies and outcomes;
  • the complexities new technologies introduce to health systems and their impact on stakeholders such as HTA practitioners and decision-makers tasked with equitable patient care.

2024 Plenaries


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rifat Atun

Elevate your understanding with our distinguished keynote speaker, Dr. Rifat Atun, Professor of Global Health Systems at Harvard University and Director of the Harvard Health Systems Innovation Lab. Dr. Atun’s vast experience includes advising governments worldwide on health system reforms and serving as a consultant/advisor to esteemed organizations such as the World Bank, WHO, and leading health and technology companies. Join us for an enlightening exploration of the forefront of HTA and healthcare innovation.

Join the HTAi Asia Policy Forum! 

Call for Expressions of Interest from for-profit organizations to join the HTAi Asia Policy Forum

The HTAi Asia Policy Forum is accepting Expressions of Interest to fill two (2) membership positions available for a For-Profit organization.

We welcome Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from for-profit organizational members of HTAi interested in engaging with the best public and private HTA minds exchange, share, innovate, and strategize the best outcomes for public health in the Asia Pacific region

The deadline for receipt of EOIs is Friday, May 10. To learn more, click the button below!

Now Accepting Expressions of Interest: The HTAi Latin America Policy Forum 

The HTAi Latin America Policy Forum is accepting Expressions of Interest to fill two (2) membership positions available for a for-profit organization.

We welcome Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from for-profit organizational members of HTAi interested in engaging with the best public and private HTA minds exchange, share, innovate,
and strategize the best outcomes for public health in the Latin America region.

The deadline for receipt of EOIs is Friday, May 24, 2024. To learn more, click the button below! 

Register for the HTAi Latin America Regional Meeting in Cartagena, Colombia!

HTAi is collaborating with the Instituto de Evaluación Tecnológica en Salud (IETS) to host a one-day Regional Meeting in Cartagena, Colombia on August 14, 2024.

The Latin America Regional Meeting is open to all stakeholders and will explore the topic “From Policy to Practice, HTA’s Role in Improving Health Systems.” Attendees can expect insights from internationally renowned HTA experts, as well as senior and regional leaders shaping Latin America’s HTA landscape.

Registration is Open! 

Registration is open to all interested participants, regardless of HTAi membership status. However, we encourage you to register early— seats are limited and registration will close July 19, 2024. 

Opportunities to Get Involved

Connect with esteemed global and regional HTA leaders and showcase your commitment to advancing HTA in the Latin America region. HTAi is offering limited partnership opportunities for the Latin America Regional Meeting. These opportunities are going fast, and interested parties only have until June 7, 2024 to claim their spot! Click the button below to secure yours today. 

HTAi’s 2024 MOU Collaborations

HTAi is thrilled to announce the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with three esteemed organizations: INAHTA, HTAsiaLink, and PAHO/RedETSA. These agreements mark advancement in our strategic goal aimed at fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity development within the field of Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Through these agreements, we are not only enhancing the content, accessibility, and organization of our vital networking opportunities but also creating innovative pathways for engaging stakeholders on locally-relevant HTA topics.

Collaborating with INAHTA, HTAsiaLink, and PAHO/RedETSA provides positive contributions to the HTA community and enables HTAi to have a high-level awareness of similar organizations’ activities around the world. Moreover, these collaborations will play a pivotal role in contributing to the development, accreditation, and dissemination of products, competencies, and capacities within the HTA community. These collaborations will result in the development and delivery of workshops, webinars, and resources tailored to various HTA audiences, thus ensuring a more informed and empowered global HTA community.

Ongoing and upcoming work includes:

  • The HTA Glossary in collaboration with INAHTA 
  • A joint webinar hosted by HTAi, RedETSA, & PAHO on Patient Involvement in HTA, which took place on April 26, 2024 (on-demand link available soon)
  • The HTA Process Guidelines resource in collaboration with HTAsiaLink (more information available soon)

We look forward to presenting further outcomes as our agreements continue to progress.

A Look Back

HTAi attends

On April 19 and 20, representatives from HTAi gathered in Astana, Kazakhstan to support, the Regional Conference of the International Community of Specialists in Health Technology Assessment.

The conference aimed to promote collaboration in HTA in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and explored the theme “HTA as a Tool to Determine Priorities for Healthcare Development and Funding”.

On April 20, representatives from HTA bodies, key policy makers, and other stakeholders convened for a Policy Dialogue organized by HTAi and hosted by #KazSPOR. The Dialogue was a continuation of discussions started at the HTAi Regional Meeting in Baku, in October 2022, regarding key issues and opportunities for advancing HTA in the region. These Policy Dialogues are the first steps in a process that will be co-created with participants to result in further actions around HTA in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.

Key takeaways from the conference:

  • Attendance was good
  • The event received the support from the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan and the WHO Country Office in  Kazakhstan. Speakers from both entities opened the event and highlighted how much trust is allocated in HTA as a powerful tool to support decision-making processes in healthcare.
  • HTAi supported the event in terms of agenda and speakers’ identification. A total of 10 HTAi representatives committed to this event and delivered high-level speeches to highlight the role of HTA in relation to a wide set of topics, from unmet needs to innovation management, from patient involvement to regulatory framework, from capacity building to real-world evidence, from hospital-based context to digital health solutions.
  • Experiences from Kazakhstan and other countries from the Region, like Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan, were presented by local speakers.
  • The event closed with a series of take-home messages: local contexts are in continuous transitions, but this should not stop countries to share experiences, successes, and also failures. Lack of capacity is a big issue, not specific for the Region but probably most critical in some contexts. A sound legal framework is key to imagine a future for HTA and collaborative efforts could serve to generate successful stories to promote further the institutionalization of HTA.

Key takeaways from the Policy Dialogue:

  • The session was successful with active participation of representatives from many countries from the Region: Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Poland, Türkiye, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.
  • WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) provided an overview about the activities of support they are giving to some countries. It was reported that challenges encountered by WHO officers were related to political instability and the lack of proper interconnections within different bodies, regardless of political will to implement HTA approaches. Another critical element is capacity, sometimes lacking and, when available, hard to retain. Data collection and access was also mentioned as a criticality in some contexts. However, countries can benefit of WHO support which, in partnership with HTAi, has an extensive capability to reach out to international experts to provide assistance.
  • A roundtable discussion among in-person and virtual participants highlighted three main core elements for the evolution of HTA in the EECA Region: i) political will, the driver of any development in the field. ii) legal framework, essential to define rules and roles. iii) resources and capacity, essential to have a functional HTA ecosystem.
  • Participants were invited to reflect about how HTAi can help. It was remarked that it can have the ability to catalyze collaboration among different countries in the region or connect the region with other regions where similar problems have been addressed. Also, it was mentioned that Interest Groups (IGs) could target specific issues in a quite effective fashion (eg. ECN and DCIG in relation to capacity building, PCIG to increase political will).

A more detailed report is planned for release at a later date. 

HTAi attends WHO Europe Hackathon

On April 10, HTAi representatives attended the DISRUPT Quality of Care Hackathon in Milan. The event was organized by the WHO Athens Quality of Care and Patient Safety Office, and aimed to prototype new solutions for the leading quality of care challenges across the EU region, as well as other parts of the world.

Key takeaways:

  • Thirty young professionals (20 in person and the rest online) from different countries and with different expertise attended the Milan meeting. The attendees were divided into working groups of 4-5 people, and each group prototyped a possible solution aimed at enhancing the QoC and improving patient outcomes.
  • Five mentors also supported the groups, helping them address the issues and define the solutions, equipping the participants with new skills and knowledge.
  • The event program was designed to foster innovation and teamwork among its participants. It alternated a series of working sessions and mentoring sessions, which helped the groups develop and build their proposals.
  • Each group showcased its project to a panel of judges, who decided which proposal was the “best project.”
  • The exciting event helped improve our relationship with WHO regional office in Europe and with young professionals.
  • Birol Tibet, Co-chair of the ECN-IG, was invited to the event and participated in the project as a member of one of the working teams.

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Network News

GetReal Institute Annual Conference

Image preview

GetReal Institute’s 2024 Annual Conference will take place on the 14th and 15th of May, 2024 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

HTAi member Elena Petelos will represent the HTAi RWE&AI Interest Group at the conference. Learn more

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From the Bulletin Board

If you have an open position you’d like to share with the HTAi membership, please contact [email protected].


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