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Reviewers Wanted: The International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care

International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care (IJTAHC) serves as a forum for the wide range of health policy makers and professionals interested in the economic, social, ethical, medical and public health implications of health technology. It covers the development, evaluation, diffusion and use of health technology, as well as its impact on the organization and management of health care systems and public health. In addition to general essays and research reports, regular columns on technology assessment reports and thematic sections are published.

IJTAHC is seeking reviewers with expertise in areas within the scope of IJTAHC relating to health technology assessment including systematic review, health economic evaluation, patient/citizen issues and health policy. Participating as an IJTAHC Reviewer is not only beneficial for your career development, it is a great way to contribute to the global HTA community!

Reviewer categories include:

  • Systematic reviews
  • Health economics/economic evaluation, CBA/CEA/CUA
  • Meta-analysis
  • Modelling
  • Clinical epidemiology
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Decision analysis
  • Patient/citizen issues
  • Personalized medicine
  • Pharmaceutical policy
  • Diagnostics
  • Disinvestment
  • E-health
  • Safety
  • Screening
  • Health outcomes research; health services/systems research
  • Health policy/policy analysis/social policy
  • Horizon scanning, new and emerging technologies
  • Statistics
  • Qualitative methodologies/questionnaires and surveys
  • Preventative medicine/public health/international health

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for IJTAHC, please send an email to Wendy Babidge, Editor in Chief, and include short CV outlining areas of expertise relative to the reviewer categories.

HTAi – DIA Working Group: Publication Now Available

HTAi and DIA are excited to announce a guidance from the joint Working Group focusing on uncertainty management in regulatory and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) decision-making on drugs. This collaborative effort aims to explore global stakeholder engagement and its impact on improving communication and management of uncertainty in the regulatory-HTA interface. 

The guidance, published in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Healthcare (IJTAHC), provides valuable guidance on managing uncertainty in regulatory and HTA decision-making on drugs. The publication offers practical recommendations for stakeholders involved in drug development and evaluation, and features insights from a diverse range of stakeholders, including academia, regulatory agencies, HTAs, industry/technology manufacturers, patients, and real-world evidence experts.

By fostering collaboration and incorporating various perspectives, the Working Group seeks to enhance decision-making processes in HTA, leading to improved patient outcomes and more effective healthcare systems. Click the button below to read more about the HTAi – DIA Working Group and its outcomes. 

Call for Applications: HTAi Policy Forum Advisory Committee Chair

HTAi has opened calls for applications for Chair of the HTAi Policy Forum Advisory Committee (PFAC).

The HTAi Policy Forum Advisory Committee (PFAC) is an umbrella committee aligned with the strategic direction of the Society to review the operating models within and between the Forum Series, to ensure consistency and efficiency across the Fora, to review the impact, longevity and to respond to queries raised by the members, to provide clear direction on the Series, with an ultimate objective of supporting the overall sustainability for the Fora and the Society.

PFAC Terms of Reference

The current Chair’s term of office ends in December 2023 and HTAi is now seeking to appoint a skilled and experienced Chair for the term of September 1, 2023 – December 31, 2025.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Chair
Working closely with the HTAi Secretariat, in accordance with clearly documented and agreed administrative processes and timelines, the Chair will:

  1. Provide active leadership of the Policy Forum Advisory Committee by chairing quarterly meetings, and other meetings as required. The Chair will focus the Committee work on the strategic direction of the Society in accordance with the 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan and with the Terms of Reference of the Committee and develop innovative ways to ensure consistency and efficiency across the Policy Forum Series.
  2. Steer the content of the PFAC meetings, working closely with the HTAi Secretariat to guide the development of meeting agendas and supporting materials. The Chair is responsible for signing off on materials before they are circulated to the committee members.
  3. Review and contribute to the regular Committee reports to the Board (four times a year).
  4. Develop strong working relationships with the Policy Forum Chairs.
  5. Following appointment, work closely with the current Chair from September – December 2021 to develop an understanding of the work of the Forum Series and the activities that support them.

NOTE: The Chair-elect will attend the remaining 2023 PFAC meetings as Co-Chair (Sept. & Dec.) then take the lead in the development of meeting content and Chairing of meetings.

Application closing date is August 4, 2023. Click the button below for information on eligibility and how to apply.

A Newcomer’s Guide to HTA

As a part of its program for capacity building, HTAi wants to provide guidance to those approaching Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for the first time (we will refer to them as “newcomers to HTA”).

The resources included were developed and collected with the main aim to provide guidance to navigate within the HTA universe, spanning from general introduction to methods and processes.

The resources have been developed in an understandable text for newcomers and link to other sources which are already existing, such as proceedings, guidelines, scientific articles, handbooks. The resources alone do not aim to train for the production of an HTA report but provide a basic understanding of HTA, its tools, methods, and products. To successfully work in the HTA field, newcomers shall follow further specific training and consider specific guidelines.

Two downloads are currently available: 

    • HTA 101: Essential Information for Newcomers
    • Research Protocol Writing in HTA

Click the button below to learn more about the resources and contributions.

A Look Back

Draft Minutes are now available from the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Members

On June 28, 2023, members gathered to attend the HTAi Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM). Draft minutes from the meeting are now available.

2022-2023 Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2022-2023 Award and Scholarship winners!

During the 2023 HTAi Annual Meeting Closing Ceremony, President Rabia Sucu and the 2023 ISPC presented this year’s award recipients, which included the following:

Egon Jonsson Award
    • Krubiner CB, et al. Developing and piloting a context-specified ethics framework for health technology assessment: the South African Values and Ethics for Universal Health Coverage approach. View here
Best Reviewer Award, IJTAHC Editorial Board
    • Professor Tracey Sach, United Kingdom
    • Special Mention:
      • Dr. Clifford Goodman, United States
      • Dr. Karen Facey, United Kingdom
      • Ken Bond, Canada

Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship, 2022

    • Yanga Nokhepheyi, South Africa 
    • Nebyu Demeke Mengestie, Ethiopia 
    • Dr. Richmond Owusu, Ghana 
Educational Scholarship, 2022
    • Abeer Al Rabaya, Jordan 
    • Siti Mariam Mohtar, Malaysia 
    • Blessing Dzingirai, Zimbabwe 
Sigrid Droste Ethics Award, 2022
    • Professor Bjørn Morten Hofmann, Norway
Best Presentation Awards, 2023

Oral Presentation, Student Category: Mrs. Clareece Nevill | Abstract 105 | MetaImpact: A Novel Tool to Enable Evidence Based Sample Sizes for Future Studies 

Poster Presentation, Student Category: Mrs. Carla Fernandez-Barcelo | Abstract 164 | Innovating to Decrease Mortality and Resource Use in Surgical Inpatient: ZERO project

Best Poster, Non-Student Category: Ms. Ping-Tee Tan | Abstract 116 | Patient Involvement in Drug Evaluations to Inform Funding Decisions: A Singapore Case Study

Best Oral, Non-Student Category: Dr. Deborah A Marshall | Abstract 457 | Patient Values Project (PVP): Patient Preferences for Cancer Treatments to Inform a Framework Incorporating Patient Values into HTA 

Network News

Updates to HTAi Committees
The following changes and appointments have been made to the HTAi Board Committees:

  • Executive Committee Chair: Rabia Sucu, Ukraine/Türkiye
  • Executive Committee Member: Ann Single, Australia
  • Finance Committee Member: Ken Bond, Canada
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Wija Oortwijn, Netherlands
  • Business Development Committee Chair: Eva Turk, Austria
  • Interest Group Steering Committee Chair: Ann Single, Australia

More information on HTAi Committees is available here.

HTAi Policy Forum
The Scientific Secretaries from all three HTAi Policy Forums are extending their Scientific Secretary terms.

Global Policy Forum Scientific Secretary, Rebecca Trowman; Asia Policy Forum Scientific Secretary, Linda Mundy; and Latin America Policy Forum Scientific Secretary, Andrés Pichon-Riviere/IECS, will remain on their respective projects from 2024 – 2025.

Tufts University HEOR Certificate Program
 Tufts University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) Graduate Program is now offering an accredited Certificate Program in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR). Read more

HTA News from Around the World

From PAHO: PAHO, EU partner to bring health technologies to Latin America, Caribbean.  Read more

From the Peterson Centre on Healthcare: A new HTA organization has launched in the United States. The Peterson Health Technology Institute (PHTI) is a nonprofit organization that provides independent evaluations of innovative healthcare technologies to improve health and lower costs. Read more

European Medicines Agency: EMA has opened a public consultation on a reflection paper presenting views on artificial intelligence and machine learning at any step of the lifecycle of human and veterinary medicines, from drug discovery to the post-authorization setting. Read more

From WHO: Public consultation requested on WHO guidance for best practices for clinical trials. The Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly adopted a resolution on Strengthening clinical trials to provide high-quality evidence on health interventions and to improve research quality and coordination, in which one action requested of the Director-General was to develop WHO guidance on best practices for clinical trials. WHO is launching a public consultation on draft guidance developed in line with this request. Read more

From the Bulletin Board

If you have an open position you’d like to share with the HTAi membership, please contact [email protected].

IJTAHC Featured Publications

  • Ethics information retrieval in HTA: state of current practice. Read more
  • A review of HTA guidelines on societal and novel value elements. Read more
  • Deliberative processes in health technology assessment: the case of Spain. Read more

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