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HTAi Board Election Now Open

The 2023 Board of Directors Election is now open!

The HTAi Board of Directors Election activities are managed and performed by a third-party organization called Civica Election Services (CES). All members in good standing will receive an electronic ballot from CES. Please note, only members in good standing are eligible to vote. If you have not established your 2023 membership, renew your membership today to ensure you can participate. If you have not received a ballot or instructions from CES, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

The 2023 Board Election will close on May 2, 2023 at 23:59 MDT

Additional Information

The HTAi Board of Directors makes important decisions that shape the organization’s future and provide critical guidance and oversight by determining and monitoring the Society’s strategic direction. Participation in the HTAi Board Election is a key duty for members, and one that makes a significant impact on the future and success of the organization. To view the 2023 Board of Directors candidates, including their application, bio, and qualifications, and to review the Board criteria, click here.  

For all questions regarding the 2023 Board of Directors Election, please contact

Call for Input on new Interest Group

A proposal for the establishment of a new Interest Group on HTA of Rare Disease Treatments is under development by a diverse collaborator group of HTAi members. At this time, the group is requesting comments on the draft proposal, as well as compiling a list of HTAi  members interested in supporting the initiative. Click here for more information, including how review the draft proposal or add your name to the list of interested HTAi members.

Additionally, a pre-conference workshop on the same topic will be held at the coming HTAi Annual Meeting, in Adelaide, June 24-28, 2023. All interested members are invited to register.

Now Accepting Applications to the HTAi Educational Scholarship

The Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) Educational Scholarship Program provides funding support for individuals studying or working in the healthcare field in low- or middle-income countries to advance their knowledge and skills directly related to health technology assessment (HTA). By providing financial assistance to complete educational programs or training in HTA for the purpose of applying their knowledge and skills in their country of origin, HTAi advances its mission of promoting the development, communication, understanding, and use of HTA around the world.

A total of $20,000 CAD is available for the HTAi Educational Scholarship program each fiscal year. 

To apply, please review the procedures, fill out the application form, and submit the form as per instructions included at the end of the application form. 

Scholarship applications are due May 1, 2022.

HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting Standard Registration Open

Standard registration rates for the HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting now apply.

The HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting will introduce hundreds of presentations over five days to promote the development, understanding, and use of HTA around the world as a means of fostering innovation and effective use of resources in health care. The presentations include a keynote and three plenaries that will explore various aspects of the event’s overall theme, the Road to Policy and Clinical Integration for health technologies. The Meeting will take place in Adelaide, Australia, from June 24 to 28, 2023.

2023 Annual Meeting Workshop Feature

The HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting offers a variety of workshops designed to share innovative experiences and practices, and to provide learning opportunities for participants. The half or full-day events include interactive activities and focus on developing participants’ skills. 

For the next few months, each issue of the HTAi Review will feature a workshop spotlight, aimed to help HTAi members learn about available opportunities. Registration is open for each of these workshops, which can be included as part of the Annual Meeting registration, or can be attended on their own. Learn more

WS19 – The Newcomer’s Guide to HTA: Handbook for HTAi Early Career Network 

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Presenters: Maoling Wei, Alric Ruether, Ken Bond, Jane Wale, David Hailey, Iñaki Gutierrez Ibarluzea, Americo Cicchetti
Summary: The HTAi Early Career Network (ECN) interest Group develop a handbook for newcomers since 2019, which was drafted and reviewed by a group of dedicated contributors from current and/or previous leaders of HTAi, relevant global experts, and ECN teams, etc. The handbook is a source of information for the newcomer in HTA.

WS11 – HTAi Interest Group on Rare Diseases – Developing a Workplan

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24 | 13:00PM – 16:30PM
Presenters: Karen Facey, Steve Pearson, Jim Thomson, Fleur Chandler, Nicole Millis, Sheela Upadhyaya, Eric Low, Alicia Granados, Vinciane Pirard, Alfonso Iorio, Monica Ferrie, Clare Stuart, Jessica Bean, Francois Houyez
Summary: Development of rare disease treatments is limited by small patient numbers, complex conditions and evolving clinical knowledge. This leads to uncertainties in generation of evidence that needs to be managed by HTA. This workshop will explore what a new HTAi Interest Group on Rare Diseases could do to share best practices internationally and develop new approaches for HTA.

WS14 – Engaging Stakeholders to Strengthen Health systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) moving towards Universal Health Coverage

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Presenters: Jani Mueller, Anke Peggy Holtorf, Lauren Pretorius, Marilia Mastrocolla de Almeida Cardoso
Summary: This co-creation workshop addresses current hurdles in LMICs with the aim to strengthen evidence-informed decision-making for achieving more sustainability and inclusiveness in health systems on the path to universal health coverage. The multi-stakeholder participants will spend exciting 3 hours designing together possible pathways to implement HTA processes that fit the context of LMICs.

WS18 – Indigenous Populations and Health Technology Assessment – International Collaboration to Improve Knowledge, Health Policy and Equity

Date & Time: Sunday, June 25 | 8:30AM to 16:30PM
Presenters: Sandy Bhawan, Jane Thomas, Trevor Simpson, Dawn Casey, Gail Garvey, Manik Saini, Robert Bacigalupo, Selva Bayat, Kristen Howard, Heather Logan, Marie Claude Sirois, Elisabeth Page, Neto Witko Pitaguary
Summary: Health technology assessment (HTA) aims to reduce inequities in the health system, but is it achieving this among Indigenous populations or increasing the gap in health and wellbeing outcomes? This workshop will bring together stakeholders’ experiences and current research regarding HTA and Indigenous populations to identify pathways for improving HTA to support better health outcomes for Indigenous populations.

Important Annual Meeting Dates:

    • Standard registration deadline: Thursday, June 15, 2023 at Midnight MDT (UTC-6) 
    • Last-minute registration: Friday, June 16 to Wednesday, June 28, 2023
    • HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting Workshops: June 24 – 25, 2023
    • HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting: June 24-28, 2023

New this year

Registering for the Annual Meeting has never been easier! While completing registration for the 2023 Annual Meeting, attendees can also pick up social event tickets and register for Workshops all at the same time!

A Look Back

  • HTAi Board President Dr. Wija Oortwijn, Directors Dimitra Lingri and Wim Goettsch, members Milou Amber Hogervorst and Bettina Ryll, and collaborator Rick Vreman are presented a session at DIA Europe on March 23, 2023, in Basel, Switzerland. The session was called “Uncertainty Management in Regulatory and Health Technology Assessment Decision-Making – Guidance of the HTAi-DIA Working Group”. Learn more

  • The HTAi 2023 Global Policy Forum took place March 26-28, 2023 in The Hague, the Netherlands. The meeting focused on The Value and Impact Of Health Technology Assessment. Read the background paper

  • The HTAi Ethics Interest Group held a writing and planning workshop in Rome from March 30th to April 1st. The workshop, hosted by the Bioethics Institute of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, was attended by 19 members of the Ethics IG, as well as members of the Hospital-based HTA IG, the Real World Evidence and Artificial Intelligence IG, and the Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA IG. The aim of the workshop was to discuss and draft two manuscripts on topics identified during the last Ethics IG business meeting in Utrecht (June 20-22): (1) methodology for doing empirical ethics work in HTA, (2) ethical implications of changing evidence requirements (and regulations) in HTA.

Network News

i-HTS Spring Scientific Meeting
HTAi President Dr. Wija Oortwijn, and Vice President Dr. Rabia Sucu, are presenting a session at The i-HTS Spring Scientific Meeting 2023, taking place on April 18 & 19, 2023, in Brussels. The meeting will centre around the topic of ATMP4ALL – How to raise awareness, equal access and trust in complex therapies in Europe? Learn more

RWE4Decisions Webinar
RWE4Decisions is hosting a webinar called “Beating Cancer with Highly Innovative Technologies – What’s the role of RWE?” on April 18 at 15:00-16:00 CEST. More details available here.

DCIG Writing Project
The HTA in Developing Countries Interest Group has launched a writing project on a topic pertinent to low- and middle-income countries. The written pieces will be published on the Interest Group website under the title, “Emerging Issues Relevant to Developing Countries. Winners of the competition will be awarded a monetary prize. Submissions are accepted until April 30, 2023. Learn more

HTA News from Around the World

From IHE: An article from the Institute of Health Economics was named Editor’s Choice by journal Value in Health. Read more 

From ICER: The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has published a new White Paper: “Advancing Health Technology Assessment Methods that Support Health Equity.” This paper evaluates the functions of health technology assessment (HTA) through an equity lens and proposes key methods through which HTA can support society’s goal of improving health equity for racial, ethnic, and other socially disadvantaged groups. Read more

From the Philippines: Phillipine Department of Health (DOH) has transferred HTA operations to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), in compliance with the Universal Health Care Law mandate on the transfer of the HTA Council as an attached agency to the DOST within five years after its establishment.  Read more

From Australia: A probity plan for the HTA review is now available from the Health Technology Assessment Policy and Methods Review Reference Committee. Read more

From Decide: The recording for a Decide webinar on Health PPP, held on the 13th of March, is now available. The webinar focused on the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Financing policy brief on healthcare PPPs in middle-income countries. Read more

From the Bulletin Board

If you have an open position you’d like to share with the HTAi membership, please contact [email protected].

IJTAHC Featured Publications

  • Clinical effectiveness reporting of novel cancer drugs in the context of non-proportional hazards: a review of nice single technology appraisals. Read more
  • Health technology assessment for oral health in the past decade: a scoping review. Read more
  • Health technology assessment of diagnostic tests: a state-of-the-art review of methods guidance from international organizations. Read more

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