Resources & Materials

Resources and Methodological Tools

1. HTAi Annual Meeting (Rome, June 2017) Ethics IG Pre-Conference Workshop: Introduction to Ethics in HTA

2. HTAi Annual Meeting (Oslo, June 2015) Ethics IG Pre-Conference Workshop Methods for Research Into Ethical Aspects of Health Care Technology

3. Learning Course on Ethics and HTA (

4. Ethics Checklist Workshop (2014)

5. Q-SEA-a tool for quality assessment of ethics analyses conducted as part of HTA, GMS (2017)

6.  Revealing and Acknowledging Value Judgements in HTA – IJTAHC (2014)

7. Challenges in Contemporary HTA – IJTAHC (2016)

8. Harmonization of Ethics in HTA – IJTAHC (2014)

Views of members on new activities of the Ethics IG (2014)

  • Results of a web-based survey among members of the EIG

HTAi Annual Meeting (Washington DC, June 2014)

Ethics IG Preconference Workshop

Introduction to Ethics in Health Technology Assessment