International workshop on methodology in ethics for HTA

On January 19-20th, 2012 an international workshop on methodology in ethics for HTA was held at IQWiG, Cologne (Germany). The workshop was organised by the INAHTA/HTAi Ethics Interest Subgroup.


Sigrid Droste (IQWiG, Germany), Bjørn Hofmann (NOKC, Norway), Tanja Krones (Universitt Zrich, Switzerland), Mirella Marlow (NICE, United Kingdom), Wija Ortwijn, (Ecorys, the Netherlands), Dario Sacchini (Universit Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy), Irina Cleemput (Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre, Belgium), Christa Harstall (Institute of Health Economics, Canada), Ken Bond (Institute of Health Economics, Canada), Flp Scheibler (IQWIG, Germany), Alric Rther (IQWiG, Germany) and Sophie Werko (SBU, Sweden).


During the two-day workshop the Socratic approach (axiological approach) used in HTA was compared with other approaches, assessing whether it is possible to elaborate a joint model in ethics in HTA. All participants contributed to the workshop, presenting their experiences with various approaches. Advantages, disadvantages and shortcomings of different methods, including the Socratic approach, capability approach, and the EUnetHTA Core model, have been revealed.

In addition, more general issues were discussed, such as whether social, ethical, legal, and cultural issues could or should be addressed by the same methodology, whether certain methods are more suitable for certain kinds of technologies or for particular kinds of HTA (assessment or appraisal), as well as whether ethics interferes with norms of policy making.

The outcomes of the workshop will be presented in two journal articles that are currently in preparation.