Initiative for Public Health Outcomes Research & Measurement (InPHORM)


Unhealthy lifestyle are increasingly eroding health and wealth systems and human well-being, while hampering socio-economic development in many countries and threatening the sustainability of health and social care infrastructures. Public Health interventions that can influence lifestyle & behavior at population level through individual changes are becoming crucial and may reach outstanding results in the control of non-communicable diseases.

Specific methodological challenges are related to the complexity of the daily health environment, which includes economic, sociocultural, organizational, ethical, and legal issues as well as personal preferences that influence (un)balanced food patterns, (in)sufficient physical activity and many other behavioral risk factors, associated with individual choices. Narrow HTA and EBM methods that have focused on clinical aspects (safety and efficacy may be unhelpful for a range of reasons due to difficulties to measure the impact (e.g. small effect magnitude, long term horizons), irreducible areas of uncertainty, lack of standardized methodologies and evidence based approaches, lack of the appropriate focus among HTA units and bodies. In addition, they might ignore important and relevant non-health outcomes or suggest –often inadvertently– there is inadequate evidence in the absence of randomized trials.

InPHORM is dedicated to developing and promoting appropriate HTA approaches, combining quantitative and qualitative evidence, expert knowledge, performance metrics and meaningful projections, to meet the needs of decision makers and to be applicable to diverse communities. Although outcomes might more often answer questions of “what works” rather than “what works best”, it is urgent to effectively explore the most adapted solutions and to monitor the impact of interventions and programs in different settings/populations, on individual level as well as on the broader societal level.

Recent Developments

During the XIVth HTAi conference, held in Rome in 2017, it was decided to further orientate InPHORM towards integrated approaches for evaluating public health interventions to strengthen the support for evidence-informed policymaking, for the implementation of preventive measures that will enable sustainable health and social care solutions and drive positive societal change in life-style behaviors.


Through publication of original research papers, multidisciplinary involvement in international working groups, contributions in scientific congresses, InPHORM explores new avenues for better understanding the principles and the particular characteristics of public health interventions in real-life setting.

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Call for Project Proposals

Lifestyle exemplifies all the types of public health interventions and policy which need evaluating across the health field. The need for urgent solutions increases. Grasp the opportunity to get actively engaged!

Project proposals submitted by the InPHORM members and will be considered. Please follow the APO template here.

InPHORM Chairmanship and Executive Committee

  • Chair:  Irene Lenoir-Wijnkoop (The Netherlands, France)
  • Contact with the HTAi Board: Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea (Basque Country, Spain)

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