Dear Colleague,

Please could you help us create an online directory of patient involvement in HTA resources? Send us your links!


The HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA Interest Group (PCIG) is collating publicly available materials that have been specifically designed for patients and citizens to help them participate in HTA processes. We will create a shared database for everyone’s use: organisations who are interested in involving patient groups, patients and/or citizens in their HTAs; as well as patients/citizens themselves who wish to become involved and learn about their role. By sharing these materials we will increase mutual understanding of the roles that patients/citizens can have in HTA and we will support others who are new to HTA. This ‘mapping of online resources for patient involvement in HTA processes’ will be undertaken internationally by the Patient Involvement and Education (PIE) Working Group of the HTAi PCIG. As our work progresses, the database will be available online at:

How can you contribute?

Attached to this email is a questionnaire, designed to gather information on the materials you have or use to support involvement of patients/public in HTA. We are seeking web links to that information. For someone who knows the resources, and where to find them, the questionnaire should only take about 15 minutes to complete.

We ask you to identify publicly available materials, written specifically for patients, patient groups or the public, such as:

  • Background information on why HTA processes are required, how they are managed within your health system, and any related matters
  • Information designed for patients/public on the purpose of involving patients/public in HTA processes, how patients/citizens can be involved, the mechanisms for involvement, any assistance or feedback they can expect, and any related matters
  • Additional information, training or education for patients/public about HTA in your country and how they can be involved

Please could you complete the attached questionnaire by 30 September 2017. Please send your completed questionnaire (along with any suggestions for improvement and extra resources in the email) to: [email protected]

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Many thanks in advance

Members of the HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA Interest Group, Patient Involvement and Education Working Group (PIE)