We have four Working Groups, each with a broad membership.

The Methods and Impact Working Group (M&I):

To identify robust evidence about the views and preferences of patients that can impact HTA decision-making. It aims to share information about research methodologies and research findings, and build an evidence base for the impact of patient involvement in HTA.

Led by Sophie Staniszewska and Sophie Werko
Coordinator: Karen Facey

Workplan (Word doc)

Patient Involvement and Education Working Group (PIE):

Seeks to promote knowledge, skills and opportunities for effective patient involvement in HTA activities across countries in all regions of the world.

Led by Janet Wale and Lizzie Thomas
Coordinator: Melissa Sullivan

Workplan (Word doc)

Asia Pacific and Emerging Economies Sub-Working Group:

The interests of this Working Group are in the development of HTA processes involving patients and citizens. Results of an initial survey of patient groups in the Asia Pacific region and emerging economies: to determine readiness to engage in HTA processes. This Group is led by Lucy Hickinbotham and Janet Wale.


  • Collate templates for patient submissions to HTA processes (individuals and groups), training experiences; education of patient groups and framework structures for workshops (general and experienced or advanced level).
  • Develop a package on the reasons for and value of patient engagement in HTA processes – for governments – to ensure that patient engagement is built into HTA models.
  • Resources in Chinese (Mandarin)

Citizen and Community Involvement Working Group:

To ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the role of citizens (and the public) in capturing a holistic societal view of technologies in HTA, and the appropriate inclusion of the citizen voice in HTA.

Led by Sally Wortley, Jackie Street and Tania Stafinski

Workplan (word doc)