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HTAi Latin America Policy Forum Chair


Overview of HTAi

Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) is the global scientific and professional society for all those who produce, use, or encounter health technology assessment (HTA). HTAi embraces all stakeholders, including researchers, agencies, policymakers, industry, academia, health service providers, and patients/consumers, and acts as a neutral forum for collaboration and the sharing of information and expertise. With members from over 60 countries, HTAi is a thriving global network. Visit for more information.

One of the most important HTAi activities is the Policy Forum series. HTAi convenes three Policy Forum meetings each year with a Global meeting (in Europe and North America, Asia, and Latin America).

HTAi Latin America Policy Forum

The format of the Latin America Policy Forum echoes that of the HTAi Global Policy Forum and provides a unique opportunity as a leadership meeting for senior representatives from public and private sector organizations using HTA from the Latin America region.

The Latin America Policy Forum provides a key networking opportunity for those involved in the different sectors, members of the HTAi Board, and invited international experts. The meeting revolves around strategic discussions about the present state of HTA: its development and implications for health care systems, industry, patients, and other stakeholders with specific relevance to the region.

The aim of the Forum is to provide an environment where senior representatives can engage in strategic discussions informed by the perspectives of their different organizations without the constraints associated with discussions of specific products or organizational policies.
For detailed information about the HTAi Latin America Policy Forum, its membership, and activities, please visit this page.

Recruitment of a new Chair

The current Chair’s term of office ends in June 2020 and HTAi is now seeking to appoint a highly skilled and experienced Chair who has the trust of, and credibility amongst, both the international HTA agencies and health technology companies.

Roles and responsibilities of the Chair

with clearly documented and agreed scientific and administrative processes and timelines, the Chair will:

  • Provide active leadership of the Latin America Policy Forum through Chairing meetings of the Latin America Policy Forum, the Latin America Policy Forum Organizing Committee, project team meetings, member recruitment and selection activity, and other meetings as required. In particular the Chair will focus on the identification of pertinent and relevant policy topics for the region and develop innovative ways to encourage networking and discussion sessions as the Forum.
  • Steer the content of the scientific materials and the meeting, working closely with the Scientific Secretary to guide the development of the background paper, meeting content and subsequent journal article. The Chair will have responsibility for signing off on materials that are produced by the Latin America Policy Forum.
  • Develop relationships with HTA agency and government leaders in the region and industry partners. Identify ways to build new relationships and stabilizing and strengthen existing relationships.
  • Following appointment, work closely with the current Chair to develop understanding of the work of the Forum and the activity that supports it. The Chair-elect will attend as observer for the 2020 Forum (27-28 April 2020 in Brasilia, Brazil), then take the lead in the development of the topic and agenda for the 2021 meeting from July 2020 onwards. The term is for 3 years and includes Chairing the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Latin America Policy Forum meetings.

The duties of the Chair are expected to take a suitably qualified and experienced person on average one day per week. This includes attending, in person, the Latin America Policy Forum each year in late April.

Selection criteria

In selecting a Chair for the Latin America Policy Forum, a candidate is sought who meets the following criteria:

  • Has a clear understanding of the rationale for, and work of, the Latin America Policy Forum;
  • Has an excellent understanding of HTA used in decision-making, relevant health policy issues and respect for the perspectives of all Policy Forum stakeholders;
  • Is professionally connected to and has professional experience working with wide regional and/or international networks of relevant private and public sector stakeholders;
  • Is preferably from the region. In addition, the candidate must be fluent in Spanish and English (verbal and written);
  • Is a thoughtful facilitator who seeks to draw in all stakeholders, keep discussions on track and develop policy relevant conclusions;
  • Has scientific writing skills and can take responsibility for signing off all outputs from the Forum;
  • Can command the respect of Policy Forum and HTAi members from all sectors;
  • Will undertake the role independently of their employer’s organization and sector of involvement in HTA, and will declare and be prepared to mitigate conflicts of interest as appropriate;
  • Has the capacity, including time allotment and professional capacity, to undertake the role.


Any HTAi member who feels they meet the selection criteria may apply for the position with the recommendation of an HTAi Latin American Policy Forum member or HTAi Board member. HTAi Latin American Policy Forum members can apply without other nomination. Any HTAi Board Director who wishes to apply must take account of the conflict of interest policy and be prepared to demit office as a Director.

Application and selection process

The HTAi Secretariat will organise the Latin America Policy Forum Chair selection process.

  • Applications for the role of Chair should be submitted to the HTAi Secretariat in English to
  • Please include the following details:
    • A brief CV (no more than 2 pages) highlighting experience relevant to the Latin America Policy Forum;
    • A letter (no more than 1 page) describing why you should be considered for the position of chair
    • Statement that if selected they will:
      • serve as chair for three years and have capacity for the full term to serve as Chair (note this is on average one day per week per year and international travel once a year); those in full time employment should indicate that they have discussed with their employer who is supportive in principle.
      • shadow the activities of the current Chair (including attending teleconferences and relevant Latin America Policy Forum meetings)
      • attend HTAi Board meetings upon request
      • attend the Global Policy Forum (held every January) for the length of their term.
    •  Name the supporting Latin America Policy Forum member or HTAi Board member.
  •  Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a web interview in the first half of December 2019. A recommendation will be presented to the HTAi Board of Directors at its January meeting.
  •  Candidates will be informed of the outcome of the application process during February 2020. The public announcement will be made at the 2020 Latin America Policy Forum on 27 & 28 April 2020 in Brasilia, Brazil – the successful Chair-elect will be expected to attend this Forum meeting.


An honorarium is available for the position (currently $20,000 USD per year). Scientific and administrative support is provided by IECS and the HTAi Secretariat.

More information

For more information on the Policy Forum Series, please visit this page.