HTAi 2021 Membership

The HTAi Membership membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.

The individual membership portal is available here.

The organizational membership portal is available here.

Organizations wishing to immediately join HTAi must contact the Secretariat for more information at [email protected]

Individual Members
Regular Membership $185.00
Upper Middle-Income Country* Link $115.00
Low Income and Lower Middle-Income Country* Link $40.00
Students/Trainees/Patient and Consumer Volunteers** $85.00
Organizational Members
For profit Organizations $3,750.00
Not-For-Profit Organizations $1,875.00
Not-for-Profit Organizations-Low Income Country $150.00
Not-For-Profit Organizations-Middle Income Country $450.00
Policy Forum Members
For Profit Organizations (GPF) $27,000.00
Not-For-Profit Organizations $2,500.00

* Upper Middle-Income, Low Income and Lower Middle-Income Countries are based on the World Bank standards.

**Eligibility for the Patient/Consumer Volunteer membership category is restricted to individuals who encounter HTA through their roles as patients, care-givers, or consumers, and who do not encounter HTA through paid employment. New members in this category are asked to submit a brief statement describing their involvement with HTA.

***Students require proof of enrollment in the form of a Student ID. Organizational members can have up-to five individuals registered under one organizational membership. Organizational members from Low and Middle-Income Countries can designate an unlimited number of individual members. All figures are in U.S. dollars.