H. David Banta Distinguished Career Award

Dr H. David Banta

The H. David Banta Distinguished Career Award was established in 2012 to recognize and celebrate individuals who have made a lasting impact over their careers to advancing the development and use of HTA internationally as a means of informing decision making about the introduction and use of health technologies. The winner of this award will be invited as a guest of honor to the HTAi Annual Meeting, receiving paid travel, accommodation and registration. The winner will be recognized during the closing plenary and will be awarded a commemorative plaque.

Perspective: Some conclusions from my life in health technology assessmentInternational Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. H.D. Banta. Published online 3 April 2018. doi: 10.1017/S0266462318000107


Individuals eligible for this award are those who have demonstrated a significant dedication to and impact on the field of HTA at the international level, including, but not limited to, outstanding contributions to the science and methodology of HTA and/or leadership in the advancement of the production and use of HTA to support evidence-informed decision making in health systems. Candidates should also have demonstrated involvement in or an impact on HTAi or its predecessor society (ISTAHC), though the review committee may consider exceptional circumstances. Candidates must be living at the time of nomination.

The Distinguished Career Award will only be awarded in years in which a suitable candidate is nominated, and no more than one award will be given in any year.

Nomination process

All individual HTAi members, including individuals subscribed under an organizational membership, are invited to submit nominations for the award. Candidates may not nominate themselves. Nominations must be submitted in the form of a Nomination Letter, written in English and not to exceed 1,000 words, prepared and signed by two or more HTAi members, including at least one who is not currently a member of the HTAi Executive Committee. The Nomination Letter shall:

  • Provide a summary description of the candidate’s body of work;
  • Describe how the individual’s contributions have had a lasting impact on the field of HTA internationally, through scientific advancement and/or leadership, and demonstrate a lifetime commitment to progress in HTA internationally;
  • Describe the individual’s involvement in or impact on HTAi or its predecessor society.

Selection process

The review of nominations will be undertaken by a committee comprising the HTAi Executive and the two most recent Past Presidents (or alternate reviewers to be designated by HTAi’s Executive Committee if Past Presidents are unable to participate for any reason). The committee may consult more widely as appropriate. Candidates will be reviewed on the basis of their fundamental contributions to the field of HTA internationally, the lasting impact of these contributions, the demonstration of their lifelong commitment to progress in HTA, and their involvement in or impact on HTAi or its predecessor society.

HTAi is currently accepting nominations for the 2020 David H. Banta Award. Nominations must be submitted to info@htai.org prior to April 3, 2020, at 23:59 MST to be eligible for consideration.