Call for Applications: HTAi Policy Forum Advisory Committee Chair

Call for Applications for the position of Chair (Elect) of the HTAi Policy Forum Advisory Committee

Application closing date

August 4, 2023

HTAi is a professional Society with a mission to support the production and use of health technology assessments globally. HTAi has a broad spectrum of activity across a diverse global membership of healthcare professionals, patients, scientists, academics, government and international governing body health officials and decision makers. HTAi supports the work of three Policy Fora (Global Policy Forum, Latin America Policy Forum and Asia Policy Forum). Launched in 2003, and having since expanded, the series provides a unique opportunity for senior individuals from public and private sector organizations using HTA to support decisions or recommendations about product development and coverage to interact with one another, members of the HTAi Board, and invited international experts. The Fora provide the opportunity for strategic discussions about the present state of HTA, its development and implications for health systems, industry, patients, and other stakeholders.

Discussions are informed by the scientific literature and perspectives of individuals reflecting on experiences in their own organizations, but without the constraints associated with discussions of specific products or organizational policies. Each Forum is governed by a term-based organizing committee formed of the Forum membership.

Purpose and remit
The HTAi Policy Forum Advisory Committee (PFAC) is an umbrella committee aligned with the strategic direction of the Society to review the operating models within and between the Forum Series, to ensure consistency and efficiency across the Fora, to review the impact, longevity and to respond to queries raised by the members, to provide clear direction on the Series, with an ultimate objective of supporting the overall sustainability for the Fora and the Society.

PFAC Terms of Reference

Recruitment of a new Chair
The current Chair’s term of office ends in December 2023 and HTAi is now seeking to appoint a skilled and experienced Chair.

Length of Term
September 1, 2023 – December 31, 2025

Roles and Responsibilities of the Chair
Working closely with the HTAi Secretariat, in accordance with clearly documented and agreed administrative processes and timelines, the Chair will:

  1. Provide active leadership of the Policy Forum Advisory Committee by chairing quarterly meetings, and other meetings as required. The Chair will focus the Committee work on the strategic direction of the Society in accordance with the 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan and with the Terms of Reference of the Committee and develop innovative ways to ensure consistency and efficiency across the Policy Forum Series.
  2. Steer the content of the PFAC meetings, working closely with the HTAi Secretariat to guide the development of meeting agendas and supporting materials. The Chair is responsible for signing off on materials before they are circulated to the committee members.
  3. Review and contribute to the regular Committee reports to the Board (four times a year).
  4. Develop strong working relationships with the Policy Forum Chairs.
  5. Following appointment, work closely with the current Chair from September – December 2021 to develop an understanding of the work of the Forum Series and the activities that support them.

NOTE: The Chair-elect will attend the remaining 2023 PFAC meetings as Co-Chair (Sept. & Dec.) then take the lead in the development of meeting content and Chairing of meetings.

Time Commitment
The duties of the PFAC Chair are expected to take a suitably qualified and experienced person on average 10 days per year.

Selection criteria
In selecting a Chair for the PFAC, a candidate is sought who meets the following criteria:

  • Has held a committee position for at least 3 years
  • Has experience with chairing committee meetings
  • Has a clear understanding of the rationale for, and operating models of the HTAi Policy Forum Series
  • Experience with strategic planning and its execution
  • Has the capacity, including time allotment and professional capacity, to undertake the role

Any HTAi Board member, past President or past Policy Forum Chair who feels they meet the selection criteria are encouraged to apply for the position.

Application and Selection Process
For an informal discussion about the role of the Chair, please contact Ali Powers at [email protected] or Rabia Sucu at [email protected].

The HTAi Secretariat will organize the Policy Forum Advisory Committee Chair selection process:

  1. Applications for the role of Chair should be submitted to the HTAi Secretariat in English to [email protected]
  2. Please include the following details:
  3. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a web interview with a member of the HTAi Secretariat, the HTAi President and the current Policy Forum Advisory Committee Chair in August.
  4. This is a volunteer position with the Society. Administrative support is provided by the HTAi Secretariat.
  5. Application closing date is August 4, 2023.