Asia Policy Forum


The format of the Asia Policy Forum echoes that of the HTAi Global Policy Forum and provides a unique opportunity as a leadership meeting for senior representatives from public and private sector organizations using HTA from the Asia Pacific region. This meeting provides a key networking opportunity for those involved in the different sectors and to meet members of the HTAi Board, and invited international experts, for strategic discussions about the present state of HTA, its development and implications for health care systems, industry, patients and other stakeholders with specific relevance to the region. The aim of the Forum is to provide an environment where senior representatives can engage in strategic discussions informed by the perspectives of their different organizations without the constraints associated with discussions of specific products or organizational policies.

Dates & Locations

  • Hanoi, Vietnam (November 6-8, 2019)

Sustainability of healthcare systems in Asia: exploring the role of horizon scanning and reassessment in the HTA landscape

The 2019 HTAi Asia Policy Forum was supported by a background paper that was developed to give a brief overview covering the basics of HS and reassessment (purpose, benefits etc), being mindful of the key messages from the Global Policy Forum and the implications they may have for the Asia region. A survey was conducted to gauge HS and reassessment activity in the region. In addition, case studies from countries and industry active in the HS or reassessment space, highlighting challenges and lessons learned will be presented. The background paper helped inform the discussions at the Forum and will be made available to HTAi members shortly.

  • Jakarta, Indonesia (October 29-30, 2018)
  • Beijing, China (November 2-3, 2017)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (November 17-18, 2016)
  • Singapore, Singapore (October 29-30, 2015)
  • Manila, Philippines (July 10-11, 2014)
  • Seoul, South Korea (June 13-14, 2013)


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