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Prior to joining HTAi, Amren worked as a Medical Science Liaison for a leading medical device manufacturer in the ophthalmology space. Through this role, he got the opportunity to engage with various key opinion leaders from North America and Southeast Asia and participate in providing clinical and educational training to various healthcare professionals on cutting-edge glaucoma technologies.

He holds a Master of Biomedical Sciences from Purdue University, the USA where he was a graduate teacher and focused on microbiology, immunology, and ophthalmic device development. The scope of his research resulted in successful partnership with key stakeholders in the ophthalmic industry and the development of novel and innovative surgical solutions presented at the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the World Glaucoma Congress.

He joins HTAi as its committee liaison bringing a unique blend of industry, research, and academia, he emphasizes on the importance of follow-through and commitment and believes that success is inevitable with a steady focus on the goal. In his spare time, he catches up on the science of current happenings, helps mentor students understand the field of academia, and enjoys indulging in outdoor activities.

HTAi is The ONLY Global Society Championing Equitable, Responsive, And Cutting-Edge Health Technology Assessment (HTA). As a community of multidisciplinary advisors, academics, scientists, professionals, public & private organizations, students, and citizen members.Everything we do is dedicated to better health for all people and the future of HTA worldwide.

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