The HTAi Regional Meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine will include a program featuring four panel sessions. More details on the program, such as an agenda, speakers, and moderators will be available in February.

Panel One: Towards Universal Health Coverage, unique challenges for emerging countries

The first panel will focus on reforms around the world towards universal health coverage.

Panel Two: Challenges and opportunities in integrating HTA into successful health reforms

Panel Two will include international examples that have been successful in supporting decision making with improving HTA during health care reforms, but also examples that continue to improve and share some challenges.

Panel Three: HTA for technology access decisions: how to support development of benefits package and procurement process

The third panel will focus on practical implementation of HTA in specific lines of decision making. These countries usually struggle with how to make evidence-based decisions on the state guaranteed coverage of the technologies where there is a very limited budget. Can HTA help and how?

Panel Four: What should stakeholders expect from HTA: can we work together for an integrated, efficient system?

Panel Four will discuss concerns and expectations of the stakeholders from clinical field, patients, industry etc., roles of each, and how engagement can be established.