Unlocking Opportunities for Early Career Professionals at the HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting

The HTAi Annual Meeting is an exceptional gathering of industry leaders, experts, and early career professionals dedicated to advancing the field of HTA. This year’s Annual Meeting promises to be even more exciting, comprehensive, and impactful, providing an incredible platform for knowledge sharing, skill development, and networking opportunities.

Here’s what you can expect at the HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting:

  • Exclusive Early Career Networking Session: We understand the importance of connecting with peers who are navigating similar professional journeys. Therefore, we have organized an exclusive networking session specifically for early career professionals. This session will provide a unique opportunity to forge connections, share experiences, and build a support network within the global HTA community.
  • Introductory Workshops: The HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting offers a series of introductory workshops designed to equip early career professionals with essential skills and knowledge. These workshops cover a wide range of topics related to HTA methods, current issues and trends, ethical analysis, patient involvement, early HTA, and more. It’s an ideal opportunity to enhance your understanding and broaden your skillset.
  • Get Involved in HTAi Interest Groups: We encourage active participation from early career professionals in HTAi Interest Groups, which focus on various areas of HTA. Joining these groups allows you to engage with like-minded individuals, contribute to ongoing projects, and collaborate with experienced professionals who share your interests. The 2023 Annual Meeting will offer a new and exclusive way to get involved on the ground level: a new Interest Group on Rare Diseases is in the works!
  • Hundreds of High-Quality Presentations: The HTAi Annual Meeting is renowned for its diverse and informative presentations. This year, we have curated an extensive program featuring hundreds of high-quality presentations covering cutting-edge research, innovative methodologies, and practical case studies in HTA. You will have the opportunity to learn from leading minds in the field and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements.
  • Network with Senior Experts: The HTAi Annual Meeting brings together the most influential and experienced professionals in HTA. As an attendee, you will have the chance to network and socialize with these senior experts, cultivating connections that could shape your career. Take advantage of this occasion to seek guidance, exchange ideas, and build relationships with individuals who have made significant contributions to the field.
  • Participate in the HTAi podcast: Our newly established podcast will be recording live on location at the Annual Meeting! The HTAi podcast is dedicated to exploring the dynamic landscape of HTA. Through engaging interviews with diverse voices and perspectives,  we aim to unravel the complexities of HTA, and provide valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions. By participating, you will have the chance to contribute your unique perspective as an emerging professional to shape the future of HTA.

Attending the HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting can be a transformative experience for emerging professionals in HTA. It can broaden horizons, enhance knowledge, and provide invaluable opportunities for growth.

For more information on the HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting events and program, or to register for the conference, please visit Annual Meeting website