Patient and Citizen Involvement

Benefits of being a member include:

  • Actively shape the future of patient and public involvement in HTA
  • Build strong networks with relevant experts across the stakeholder communities around the globe
  • Propose topics for the interest group to consider in future strategies
  • Develop and work on projects to tackle key issues
  • Take part in international collaborations to further research and provide practical support
  • Share good practice and lessons learnt with your peers
  • Be consulted about major initiatives in this field
  • Keep up to date with developments, including a monthly e-bulletin
  • Invitations for most active members to our annual face-to-face meeting.


Vision: Patient and citizen perspectives improve HTA.

The HTAi Interest Group for Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA (PCIG) brings together patients and citizens, patient advocates, patient engagement consultants, clinicians, researchers (such as statisticians and economists), HTA agencies, government, industry and others with a keen interest in patient and citizen involvement in HTA.

The PCIG considers ‘involvement’, or ‘engagement’, to be a wide-ranging term that encompasses

  • patient and citizen participation in HTA processes, and
  • research to provide evidence about patients’ and citizens’ perspectives, preferences and experiences to input to HTA.

We set out to ‘work together in equal partnership’. All members are considered equal and their input and feedback is equally respected. We are all committed to overall improvement in HTA processes and the availability of equitable quality health care to improve health outcomes.

The members of the Steering Committee and its Project Sub-Committees volunteer their time, expertise and energy, with paid assistance coming from the HTAi Secretariat. Some of our members undertake projects that are funded by industry, or they are from industry. When this work is relevant to the PCIG, it is carried out with full scientific rigor and conscientiousness in the delivery of products that our community can use. No one corporate organisation is favoured over another.

As individuals, we find out own way to the HTAi Annual Meetings, but the Secretariat awards several patient travel scholarships each year. Some of the funding for these comes from industry and they are awarded ‘at arm’s length’ by an independent assessment committee.

Aims & Objectives

  • Strengthen HTA by systematic incorporation of patient and citizen perspectives
  • Promote and develop robust methodologies to incorporate patients’ and citizens’ perspectives in HTAs, and share best practice in patient and citizen involvement in the HTA process
  • Develop methods to measure the impact of patient and citizen engagement in HTA, and encourage and monitor new methodologies for obtaining patient evidence
  • Support countries with limited experience of HTA to incorporate patients’ and citizens’ perspectives
  • Promote ways in which patients’ needs, perspectives and preferences can be incorporated into HTAs via submissions of information from patients that will make a difference to decision makers, while enabling effective patient participation in HTA processes (based on core values and standards of relevance, fairness, equity, legitimacy and capacity building)
  • Promote and develop methods to elicit citizen or public views and determine societal values to inform all aspects of HTA
  • Promote the synthesis of patients’ and citizens’ perspectives on the technologies being assessed and the overall societal impact of health technologies
  • Participate in the development of materials that reflect best practices in elicitation and presentation of patients’ perspectives from global good practice models, with support provided by PCIG members, research and patient engagement into the HTA process


  • Keep our members informed about patient and citizen involvement in HTA with monthly E-Bulletins
  • Support our Steering Committee and Project Sub-Committees, who are involved in a wide range of activities including patient involvement and education; methods and impact; and citizens and community
  • Encourage members to join our Project Sub-Committees to advance our shared interests and develop resources for those establishing and developing patient and citizen involvement in HTA
  • Run workshops and panel sessions at the HTAi Annual Meeting
  • Participate in symposiums, webinars and training sessions on a global level
  • Publish papers in peer-reviewed journals
  • Offer advice to stakeholders seeking to improve patient involvement in HTA

Executive Team

Chair: Ann Single (Australia), Patient Voice Initiative

Vice-Chair: VACANT 

Former Chair: Neil Bertelsen (UK)

Technical Officer: Veronica Lopez Gousset (France)

Steering Committee

Ann Single (Australia), Chair

Valentina Strammiello (Belgium), Vice Chair

Neil Bertelsen (UK), Outgoing Chair

Anke-Peggy Holtorf (Switzerland), Project Co-ordinator

Todd Stephenson (Australia), Financial Secretary

Sarah Berglas (Canada)

Barry Liden (USA)

Heidi Livingstone (UK)

Aline Silveira Silva (Brazil)
Kate Morgan (UK)
Ana Toledo Chávarri (Spain)

Terms of Reference



Involvement in the IGs is open to all HTAi members with current membership, which allows you to join the IG mailing lists to receive notifications about IG activities and opportunities to get more involved in specific working groups and projects.

To join, or if you have further questions, please contact [email protected].

Follow the PCIG on Twitter at @pcisg.

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